Covid-19 Vaccines, the Embarrassment of Modern Medicine

Only in backwards, upside-down world do people inject themselves with poison in an attempt to get well — and then, of course, get very sick instead. Someday — if anyone survives this ongoing implosion of western civilization, that is — we will look back on vaccines as a primitive practice of the dark ages — or, to use the helpful phrase coined by President Joe Biden: “Neanderthal thinking”. 

I debated if I should even write this article, because what exactly am I trying to accomplish with it? Well, one thing I’m NOT trying to do is dissuade anyone from taking the vaccine, if you can believe that. But it’s true: If you feel it has your name on it, then go for it. I am not judging people who take it, because on some level, it must be right for them. Maybe it’s a lesson they need to learn (for those who are getting sick), or maybe it’s the easy way out that they need (for those who are dropping dead). I don’t even think it necessarily means they are stupid; some of them are very intelligent and accomplished in their professional fields, and are capable of doing things that I will never be able to do (like fixing cars), so I do respect them, and I would not dream of telling them what to do or not do. Although, I do feel sorry for them, reading their accounts as they learn the hard way.

At least her daughter is awake now.

Especially Boomers — they were children when vaccines were first introduced and saved everyone from being crippled by polio, so at least in the mainstream they are steadfast, lifelong believers. But I ask you: where did polio come from, and was everyone a cripple for hundreds of thousands of years until God in the form of Jonas Salk came down to Earth to save humanity with vaccines?

Of course not. It’s important to understand how social engineers operate, and that is with the dialectic of problem -> reaction -> solution. Successful products are the ones that solve a problem that people have, but obviously healthy people don’t have health problems, so the social engineers first create the problem, then feed the fires of reaction (such as public demand for “change”), and then sell the solution. This is the scam, and you can see it everywhere lately.

For example, in the case of Covid-19, a “virus” is introduced, a 24/7 media scare-machine is generated to whip the public into a frenzy, and then the agenda that they were really going for all along is sold as the solution — in this case, a tyrannical world order in which normal life is held hostage until total compliance is achieved. While some people may be willing to believe that it makes perfect sense to now be directly injecting into their bodies the very thing that the world was in lockdown and masks to avoid for the past year — others who are slightly more skeptical are realizing that all of this is the opposite of health. Sacrifices will have to be made, but is it really a loss to be barred from entry to a concert or movie that features performers selling a centralized and lifeless political version of reality? Or would we rather just live our own reality? It really is true what they say about crisis being an opportunity — an opportunity that is available to everyone. 

“Silence is compliance” is another thing they say, which is my ultimate reason for writing this article, because I want it to be documented that someone is not going along with the bullshit. And I am not alone in this, there are many others who also carry this light, and they are the people who inspire me and the ones I want to be around. As we find out that life is not what we have been sold, and we give it our own meaning, if I can live my truth then it’s the best thing I could possibly do. Sure, I have dreams for my life, but they are based in a free world, which has been increasingly threatened for most of my life. I knew after 9/11 and the Patriot Act, and the corruption within the FDA and Big Pharma that was making people sick, and many further corruptions on top of that, that we are in big trouble here. So as much as I would love to be writing a love story in a cafe overlooking the Amalfi coast, I have had to accept that that may not ever be my life, and realize what my life is really meant for. It would be better to live a life of truth and honor and die for it, than to exist as a slave in their brave new dystopia. I have already had a preview of that existence (I’ve been silent for years), and it is not worth it. Bravery and courage will be rewarded — that is how you change things, even if you don’t see the change in your lifetime. Settling for something that sucks, even though it might possibly mean survival, is really not good enough. We are meant for so much more. 

We might come to a better understanding of life and how to live right if we were to first de-mystify death. Then we might understand the whole point of being here and not waste our precious lives in empty, mindless consumer cycles, flung around wildly under threat of ending this vast nothing-ness. People are afraid of dying because they have a vague sense that they’re not really living, but death eventually comes to us all. And what is so wrong with that? Death is nothing more than getting off a ride at Disney World. Your eternal spirit will still exist after the ride is over, just not on Earth anymore — well, unless you get back in line to ride again. 

Which is why I’m not judging the murder machine that is the Covid-19 vaccine and modern medicine and lifestyles in general. If people really wanted to be healthy, they would listen to their body and inner voice, which is their connection to the divine and the only thing that really has their best interest at heart, rather than giving authority over their lives to external actors. Earth is often referred to as a spiritual school. If that is the case, then believing in — being — your Self is the ultimate test. 

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