The Natural Way to Restore Fertility

I was inspired to write this article after a video and blog post from one of my favorite YouTubers, who shared that she struggled with two miscarriages and infertility before finally having a successful pregnancy and baby (and has since even had one more). I am very happy that it worked out for her, as she clearly loves being a mom.

However, I have noticed miscarriages and infertility seem to be incredibly common, and on top of that is the maddening paradox of couples who want to get pregnant and cannot, while others who don’t want to seem to do so easily and then have abortions or pass off care of the children to grandparents or others. I understand and I can relate to your frustration in a way — although I have not experienced infertility personally, I have had to deal with having a body that is very different from others, and have had to learn how to care for it in the way it needs. As frustrating as it can be to feel like something is wrong with you, and you have to work so hard for what comes so easily to others who don’t even appreciate it, it is also very rewarding to overcome these challenges and grow as a person in ways that you never would have if you had not been met with this challenge. 

The things I am going to share in this article, you are probably not going to want to hear. The truth is not always easy; sometimes it requires facing ourselves and what we need to change. This article is for people who are ready to do that work (or are at least considering it). 

But first, the “trying too hard” way…

The above-mentioned YouTube star was able to successfully get and stay pregnant by visiting an infertility clinic and getting treatment. While she was vague about the specific type of treatment, and did not ever reveal what it actually was, what we know about medical fertility treatments is that they involve hormone therapy and/or IVF, so we can assume it was one or a combination of those things. 

She seems to have gotten some judgment about this decision and had to defend herself against people saying she was “trying too hard to get pregnant”, which in my opinion is a totally false judgment, because this course of action is relatively effortless; for many people, the hardest thing about it is the money it takes (tens of thousands of dollars). Yes, the whole thing can be emotionally exhausting, and treatment apparently requires having your pants off while strangers (doctors) prod and poke you, but that’s really the extent of it. You go to a few appointments over the course of a few months, and that’s it. There’s no real significant work you have to do to change your life (at least, not until the baby comes). 

If you have the money to do it and you feel this is the best option for you, then go for it. The treatment works. You’ll have a baby. 

But it’s not the only way. 

What is infertility?

I really don’t feel that medical fertility treatments are the best option, for a number of reasons. For one, the cost is prohibitive for many people — only a certain class of people can afford to reproduce in this way, which is an interesting eugenics experiment of its own. 

I am also concerned that this shift toward the increasing medicalization of human life is paving the way to an artificial world of totalitarian control that is massively imbalanced (and thus, diseased). Humanity can reclaim its power and health by reclaiming its true nature, and that includes the ability to naturally reproduce. 

Part of the reason people are currently struggling to reproduce is that we’ve already been on track to that artificial world for quite some time; many aspects of modern lifestyles (food systems, wage slave jobs, sedentary screen time, atheism, etc.) are divorced from nature: the simple truth is, infertility, and its associated conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis, are modern diseases of modern lifestyles. 

Medical fertility treatments do not address the root cause of infertility; they simply bypass it. Unless you change the root cause (lifestyle choices), you will likely have to continue getting fertility treatments each time you want to get pregnant (increasing dependency on the artificial state/medical system). 

You can take back your freedom and control of your own body by taking back control of your life choices. This, however, is the hard part. It’s going to separate you from your toxic culture and peers and make you aware of your own toxic behaviors. It’s going to take breaking old bad habits and learning new healthy ways. It’s going to require being honest with yourself about what you really want in life, and making sacrifices to get it. 

It’s ultimately going to mean a whole new way of looking at the world, and what that really means is… a whole new You. 

The #1 cause of infertility

If you haven’t switched off yet, this next part is where you’re really going to. 

But bear with me, because it is completely logical. Set aside your prejudices for just a moment. 

If you want to get your fertility back naturally, there is one thing that is the most important thing you can do:

Stop drinking cow’s milk. That includes your lattes and hot chocolates and cereals.

And not only drinking it. Stop eating it too — in the form of cheese (like pizza, Mac n cheese, sandwich cheese, nachos, tacos, etc), cream cheese (bagels, cheesecake), ice cream, butter, yogurt … on and on…

Dairy literally saturates the market — it’s even hidden in a lot of packaged foods that you wouldn’t know unless you read the side label. But if you become very aware of your food choices and take an honest inventory of what you are eating every day (a dedicated food journal can help with this), you will probably notice something. It’s a lot of dairy. 

You probably really like it. You might even be addicted to it.

And I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but: it’s also why you’re not getting or staying pregnant. 

And the reason why is very simple. Although there are many ways that modern dairy products are unnatural and damage the human body, there is one very simple way that relates specifically to fertility:

When you consume cow’s milk, what you are in fact consuming is breast milk

Who is breast milk for?


Just like in humans, a cow’s body makes milk for their baby calves, for whom they have just given birth. And just like a woman’s body makes specific hormones when she is pregnant and when she is lactating, so does a cow’s body. 

And, importantly, lactation hormones are opposite of pregnancy hormones. When a human or cow is lactating, the hormone levels are naturally set so that pregnancy does not occur, so that all of the resources can be given to the baby that was just born. The hormones in the milk are also present to grow a baby calf into a fledgling cow. 

So when you drink cow’s milk, you are taking in hormones that tell your body that you are a baby. And babies don’t have babies themselves. 

You have to grow up. 

See what I mean? This is the hard work. It makes going to a few doctor’s appointments and shelling out a few grand seem like a walk in the park. 

But if you can do it, this one thing, it will change everything. 

Try it for three months, though it probably won’t take that long before you notice results. And if you don’t think you can make it that long, tell yourself that you can always go back to dairy after you give birth — it’s not like dairy products are going anywhere. 

But you might not want to go back, once you see all the other benefits, like clear skin, healthy weight, and less inflammation. 

Over the long term, a dairy-free, whole food plant-based diet can even turn around cases of PCOS and endometriosis, diseases which seem to be a conundrum in the medical system but are resolved easily by proper diet and lifestyle.

But my Grandma consumed dairy, and she had eight kids!

I know what you’re thinking — why me, why now? Surely it must be more complicated than this. No other women in my family had this problem, and we’ve been drinking milk for ages!

Well, yes it is a complex problem in many ways, but it’s not necessary to get into complexities for the purposes of this article. Suffice it to say that we live in a completely different world than our grandparents did, and that includes the modern agricultural system and the composition of the milk itself, as well as modern dietary patterns. Our grandparents simply did not consume massive quantities of packaged/fast food dairy products from industrial farms all day every day — it wasn’t available. They had a cow in the backyard, or they subscribed to milkman delivery — and that mostly went to the children. 

It has become a normalized practice to continue drinking milk well past childhood, which is the only time it is really needed. Although normal, this doesn’t mean it’s healthy (and probably signifies underlying psychological issues). It’s not healthy for the cows, which are often kept in cruel and inhumane (and definitely unnatural) conditions, it’s not healthy for the planet (and I’m not even talking about carbon — I’m talking about real problems, like slaughterhouses dumping their waste into the Kalamazoo river, which then empties out in the Lake Michigan and the beach gets shut down because of E.coli contamination.) And it’s not healthy for the adult human body.

Is it any surprise the results that we are getting — that life is literally telling us this is unsustainable?

But wait, there’s more

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. You can become aware of and reduce your intake of xenoestrogens, which are environmental sources of estrogens that obviously can also disrupt hormonal balance in the body. Xenoestrogens can include plastics, phthalates, fragrances (such as in mass market laundry detergent), and soy (interesting, because it may be related — industrial feedlot cows are often fed on GMO soy). 

That’s another thing — GMO, or genetically modified organisms are a totally experimental type of crop which makes up the bulk of the fast food and packaged food supply. In mouse studies, sterility is seen after just a few generations when eating GMO “foods”. 

Further, vaccines are also linked to infertility — and governments are applying pressure with the Covid-19 vaccine program like never before.

What, you wanted complicated…

The natural world is fertile and abundant

Before we go too deep down the rabbit hole and become overwhelmed with turning our lives right-side up, we can return to simplicity simply by returning to nature. Our true nature is fertility, and that includes sexuality. There is probably nothing that we know better without having to be taught or told. Sex and procreation is pure nature. We just have to return to it — to nature, and to understanding ourselves as part of nature.

If you are a woman, think of your body as like the Earth, like fertile soil. The soil is soft and loamy and rich with nutrients, with the right composition so that it can receive a seed and hold it and nurture it until it becomes a fully formed new life with seeds of its own. Connecting with the consciousness of Earth will help keep you grounded and focused on your own fertility and what you want to create, and, for example, will help you eat in a way (whole plant foods) that will give your body the nutrition it needs to support a pregnancy.

You can also connect with Earth’s many plants and animals to further strengthen your connection to life, abundance and fertility. Send into the Earth your intention to create new life, as you help take care of her and her creatures. The Earth takes care of her own and those who take care of her.

Women are portals

Finally, your womb is a portal for a spirit to enter this world in a body (your baby). This is a profound and sacred thing. The debate about life starting at conception or at birth is missing the point completely — life is eternal. The spirit of your baby is always available to you to connect with, and it will come into the world when you both are ready. 

You can connect with your baby’s spirit in the spiritual realm, simply by going within and listening. Ask your baby what he or she needs from you. Be open to the guidance you receive. In many ways, children are our greatest teachers. They teach us about life. 

Disease is a wakeup call

Whereas modern medicine treats disease like an inconvenience that you can get around with enough money, nature shows us there is an inherent wisdom in disease — as disease itself is part of nature. Disease is setting us on a journey of return to our true self, as we shed these inauthentic, unnatural ways that are not real life, and find within what truly makes us happy. As we course-correct, we no longer need disease to block us, to wake us up.

No, not everyone will choose that path— there is an obvious split going on within humanity, and many are going for the AI agenda (which includes vaccines and infertility clinics). The truth is, humanity was an experiment from its beginning, and the experiment continues to this day. These people are the control(led) group. But we already know how it’s going to turn out: disease will continue among them, and eventually that civilization will fall too, because you can never live totally separate from your nature. 

Earth and her creatures are not resources to be exploited. When we respect and return to life, that is when life returns to us. 

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