Healing from the TransAgenda

One of the most fascinating subjects of this degenerate age, in which transgender lifestyles are widely endorsed by leftist media and culture, is the #detrans movement, in which children who were swept up in it are now grown adults speaking out against it. A light in the darkness, it gives me hope, and I am transfixed (heh) by reading their accounts. 

A particular standout is this video posted by a girl named Siobhan on the recent #detrans awareness day. What stands out about her story, aside from the harrowing facts of her damaged body, is that she is incredibly balanced and diplomatic in her argument. There is not a trace of indignity or antagonization as is so commonly seen among transgender folk, who often consider themselves victims in one way or another and so lash out at anyone they can. Yet here is someone who has clearly been victimized, and acknowledges it, yet has channeled her victimhood into a rational and compassionate demeanor in her sagacious call for change. 

She states that she does not want to impose on others who are transgender and that her position is not anti-transgender, but rather a call for more options than the one children seem to be railroaded into by the medical system, which is the surgical and pharmaceutical process of transgendering — much of which does severe and permanent damage to the body. In Siobhan’s case, she had a double mastectomy (removal of both breasts), and after taking testosterone for years, she now has a male’s voice and Adam’s apple, even though she wishes to identify as her natural born sex, which is female. 

If she had “gender dysphoria” before the “treatment”, I can only imagine the world of pain she is in now. She is also not the only one. Not by far.

My heart goes out to them, because like so many of us, they did stupid things when they were kids, and then they grew up and realized they were stupid. But in their case, it’s more than a phase: the damage is irreparable, and they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives. 

Can they ever be made whole again? Part of their healing process is to share their experience — and yet, they often experience abuse and discrimination from the same community that goes on crusades demanding “acceptance” itself. 

The implication here is that 8% is only a smattering of people to begin with, and of them, the vast majority did not actually want to de-transition, but had it forced on them by pressure from the outer world. 

Sound familiar?

People who have de-transitioned are real people with real voices who are expressing real concerns over real harm. They are just as valid as those who are going along with the trans agenda, and perhaps even moreso, because they are exposing its flaws and what needs to change. 

The problem is really not trans or detrans people anyway. The problem is the system that’s being imposed on them. 

Many of the detrans people, including Siobhan in her video, report that they suffered from mental illness before they transitioned, and rather than being treated for that, they were ushered into gender transition by the medical system. They see this as one of the biggest flaws in the process, as well as there being almost no medical support for when they experience regret and want to de-transition. 

This poster did conclude in her thread that she finally received support from the clinic, but it was not without a fight. The attitudes and approach of the medical system show that it is still very much in the dark ages, and again we see another violation of the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm”. 

Who is responsible? Who can actually make the badly needed changes here?

I am all for personal responsibility, because that’s where your freedom is, but the sad reality is that these were children — minors under 18. 

Everywhere else in society, legislation gives special protections to children. At least in the US, for example, you have to be 18 to buy cigarettes and 21 to buy alcohol, and though these are unhealthy and addictive choices, you can still walk away from them relatively unscathed. Even things which are more permanent and life-altering, such as getting a tattoo, getting married, or joining the army, are age-restricted to 18 and up.

Even going to see an R-rated movie or going to a nightclub requires you to be a certain age.  

So why are children under 18 or 21, and often much younger, not only allowed, but apparently railroaded into gender transition? Where is the legislation to protect them from harm? Where is the safeguard against permanent life-altering damage to their bodies?

Where are the safe adults? Why are doctors and medical professionals constantly breaking their oath to “do no harm”? Why are parents allowing their children to fall into this trap, with some even making the choice themselves to transgender their children? 

And even more bizarrely, why is the state (in this case, Canada), actively preventing parents from safeguarding their children?

The Trans Agenda

The simple answer is stated in the first line of this article: we are in a degenerate age. “Degenerate” means destruction of life, and it’s not hard to see, especially if you turn on the TV:

This is nothing new — the network news cycles just have to keep fueling negative emotional reactions to keep their ratings high and advertiser dollars rolling in. I decided to watch to see what all the fuss was about, and though the performance was indeed vulgar, it really didn’t surprise me at all. I see it as the natural progression of this degenerate, dystopian timeline the world’s been on for a while now.

Music and music videos have been pornographic for years — it was 2003 when at the VMA’s Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera had their on-stage lesbian tongue kiss. I also remember around that time riding in the car with my mom and brothers and the pop radio station was playing songs with lyrics like “stand back, you’re dancing kinda close, I feel a little poke comin’ through…” These are just a few of many, many examples that saturate modern mainstream culture, and have been for decades, so I don’t know how anyone can be shocked, unless they’ve been living under a rock for the past 60 years. 

But what does this have to do with the trans agenda?

Well, everything. 

Why do you think all these kids want to be transgender all of a sudden? Where do you think they are getting the idea from?

Answer: it’s in their subconscious programming. It’s what they see in the media, but they don’t really ‘see’ it, because it bypasses their conscious mind and goes straight to the subconscious mind, where the seed of behavior is planted.

There are two reasons this programming has to be done subconsciously: one, because things that come into our conscious awareness are subject to our critique and rejection of them, whereas things that slip under our conscious awareness and go directly to the subconscious are less likely to be noticed and rejected. 

The second reason is because the subconscious mind controls most of our behaviors. 

The media manipulators know what they’re doing. 

For example, would people have the same opinion of Cardi B’s performance if they knew she was actually transgender? Yes, she is covert about it, as are most of the other transgendered figures on the world stage, but her biological sex is in fact male (as is Megan Thee “Stallion” — a stallion is a male horse). And even with the extensive surgeries, makeup and identities, the subconscious mind will still register the body and energy as male, and it will also give the truth away in subtle tells, also known as Freudian slips.

And while the subconscious is registering the male, the conscious programming is that this is “woman’s empowerment”, and that the definition of a woman is entirely physical: big boobs, big ass, big hair, big stripper heels and clothing, and loud whore speech and behavior. Apparently, this is what it means to be a woman now, and anyone can do it — well, as long as they have the money and access to the technology for it.

Is it any wonder there is such a thing as “gender dysphoria” among the impressionable children who are watching this? Yes, their parents can and should turn off the TV… but will they? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. The EMF radiation from the tech puts the brain of the viewer into a wave-state that’s hypnotic and hard to break — it is very much like being under a spell. 

This is why I am not a proponent of the transgender movement — because it is entirely artificial and based in technology, and not something I believe people would choose if they were under control of their own minds — but especially not for children under age 18. I can see the destination where this road is headed — the brave new world where no one is able to simply be themselves or reproduce on their own anymore, and everyone is under state control through a spellbinding media sowing seeds of debauchery and fear.

What detrans people are finding out for themselves is that, in many ways, this world and its systems are stacked against the individual and personal choice. You are constantly being told that you are not good enough as you are, and that you have to change and conform to someone else’s demands in order to be accepted by them or the world. 

You were born in the “wrong” body, so you have to transgender. 

You don’t “accept” transgender? You must be a transphobe. 

You don’t look a certain way? Buy this product, you’ll look and feel better.

The game is to get you to surrender your true, free self, and to become subservient to the artificial system. 

The secret to winning is to realize that someone else’s acceptance of you will never matter as much as your own acceptance of yourself. Acceptance from them will never really come anyway, as detrans people are finding out — it isn’t meant to. Acceptance from others is a carrot dangling from a stick that is always held in front of you to keep you moving toward a reward that keeps moving away from you; it’s a manipulation tactic, a power game.

Your reward is when you take back your power, through your own self-acceptance and actualization. You win when, no matter what the world tells you to think, say or do — you choose you.

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