Is Mass Depopulation our Salvation?

The myth of overpopulation, along with subsequent approaches to “solve” this “problem” using various depopulation techniques, have been seeded into the collective consciousness for decades.

For example, a song I heard playing in a public restroom during summer of 2020 — the lyrics “there are too many of us, that’s plain to see” in a tone that sounds drugged out and dystopian.

“Our society…is a vicious circle that I compare to cancer….In order to stabilize world population we must eliminate 350,000 people a day.”

Jacques Cousteau to the United Nations, 1991
“Georgia Guidestones”, erected in 1980
A still from the film “V for Vendetta”, in which governments introduce a virus and vaccine that ultimately kill much of the population.

So, it’s not too surprising that we are now seeing people who have not only gotten sick or died from Covid-19, but have also gotten sick or died after receiving the vaccine. It was never a question in my mind that the vaccines were to serve some ulterior motive, since 99.7% of people under 80 survive the virus. It’s become clear that, to the social engineers, it’s not the virus itself, but human survival that’s the problem. This is perhaps also to be expected, given what we know about them.

But what I do find alarming, though, is the growing sentiment cheering it on.

On one hand, I don’t blame them. I agree that the ignorance and stupidity is maddening, and we have all suffered because of it. I have even had the thought that, what if the vax doesn’t kill them off, and this is what we’re stuck with?

But I dismissed that thought. I don’t wish anyone dead, as horrible as they might be, because that would also be a death wish for me.

For example, several of my former employers are pro-vaccine. And although I don’t consider them friends, I do thank them for helping me survive. I paid rent and fed myself with those paychecks. I don’t know how I would have survived without them.

The truth is, every person on Earth, whether we like them or not, represents creative potential. They are literally a source of energy. To kill them off is to cut off that energy, creativity and potential. Especially en masse — it will mean major constriction and limits. This is the opposite of the nature of the universe, which is abundance and expansion.

Moving into a reality like this will have severe negative effects for survivors. While it might sound nice to have less people to deal with, in reality the consequences will be dire. You will have a much smaller market for your business. You will have fewer options, with fewer people who are creating. And you will be much easier to surveil and control. While 10 billion people may be difficult to manage, 500 million is a much smaller scale. Especially in one homogenized system.

And this leads to the real problem: it’s not overpopulation, but the management system.

The truth is, there is plenty of room for everyone, and that includes food and water. It’s just not being managed properly.

And though I am an advocate of people managing themselves, as I prefer to manage myself, I do recognize that most people are in fact “sheeple”, meaning they are followers, and they don’t even know it.

So can we really blame and hate the ‘sheeple’ for their unconscious behavior? Or should we look to their managers, who are programming them to self-destruct to serve their own hidden agendas?

I understand your frustration with them. I feel it at times too.

But the sheep do not want to hurt you. They are just afraid. You can take away their fear by loving them, and they will simply love you right back. It’s pretty amazing how simple it is, really. They just need to be shown the way. They just need better management that has better values.

Because even with the sheeple who don’t know what’s going on, you are far safer than dealing with the wolves who are aware — but also predators.

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