The #1 Reason Not to Vax

A major caveat of the material world is that the spiritual world that intersects it is invisible, so it’s easy to conclude the material world is all there is, and live accordingly.

But appearances can be deceiving, and not without purpose; there is indeed a whole spiritual world, and it powers the physical world. The spiritual world is really where it’s at, if you want to change anything in the physical world.

That is why you need to keep your spirit and soul — you need it in order to be an original creator, a divine being in human form.

Otherwise, and you become just another NPC cog in the wheel.

Unfortunately this is the precipice humanity is now standing at, with the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine, which is indeed not to mitigate a virus but to ‘evolve’ humanity in the mold created by social engineers through the nanotechnology in the vaccines.

I don’t believe the ultimate goal of the vaccines is depopulation. Sure, that is obviously an effect, though I don’t think it will be nearly to the scale we are being warned about. Death, autoimmune disease, infertility, etc are good reasons not to take the vax, but they are not the #1 reason.

The #1 reason is your soul. The vax is for the soulless people, the next wave of humanity that will be merged with AI. They incarnated on Earth to learn and grow a soul, however they have instead chosen the other option. These people will eventually not be organic humans anymore; they will be literally part machine, totally controlled, and devoid of inner spirit — the ideal corporate slave worker in the future dystopian world. This is what the social engineers are manipulating in their bizarre game of Survival of the Fittest. The people who are killed off are simply being phased out of the new world order, like an obsolete piece of technology, after they souled out.

But many, or even most people, will most likely adapt.

It’s not a new direction for them either, which is why they are going along with it, incredible as it may seem. But they have been primed for it for generations. By now, most people are used to being vaccinated and using pharmaceuticals, are used to believing the TV is real, are used to doing what everyone else is doing. They are used to going to their job every day, eating at a restaurant, and vacationing at Disneyworld, and pretending to be happy. This is normal life to them.

Now normal life is being held hostage by a vaccine, which in reality is an initiation into AI transformation. Many are willing to hand over their bodies to either feel safe, acceptable to others, or to get their normal life back.

Others are more resistant, yet just today I’ve heard two different people talking about the people around them capitulating, getting the vax even though they swore they never would. If you watch the video I linked in my previous post, showing the social experiment that demonstrates the sheep-like behavior of the human brain, it’s easy to see why. We can expect that most people will give in to peer pressure and take it. However, it’s important to remember that no matter what, you always have a choice.

Only those who truly know themselves and have prepared themselves will not capitulate to the vaccine and sheeple mentality. That’s because we know it’s not really about a vaccine, just like the pandemic is not really about health or a virus. We know this is about separation of the wheat from the chaff. We made the choice before we incarnated; it’s who we are.

‘Don’t gain the world and lose your soul’. Remember, this world is temporary, a shifting illusion. What you believe to be real, most likely isn’t, and what you believe to be unreal, very well could be real. It’s all being shown now. That’s the apocalypse– the lifting of the veil of reality, to see the truth on the other side.

That is where your soul resides. It’s extremely important to connect your material body with your spirit and soul, if you haven’t already. I do believe it’s possible even if you have been vaxxed, though some readers dispute this and have said they can’t find their client’s soul anymore. Nothing is impossible. I don’t believe there is anything that can’t be healed.

But if your soul is gone it’s a bad trade indeed, for though world is only an illusion, it is based on your soul, so to give up one is to also lose the other, as we are already seeing — for example, people in the UK who got vaxxed in anticipation of going on summer holidays are now being threatened with £5,000 fines if they leave the country.

This is the law of attraction in action: fear creates contraction. Your world closes in around you, until you can’t breathe and are suffocated (which is what the masks, another product of fear, are doing).

The rules on Earth are changing now. If you want to live, truly live and not only exist or survive, you must be bold enough to truly love, and by that I mean courage. Not being ruled by fear, but freeing yourself from it.

Everything changes when you realize you don’t need the world, but the world needs your soul. The matrix feeds off your energy to keep you and others enslaved. This is why they try to trick and trap you in various ways. Your soul, your creativity is the key to their undoing — and your freedom.

Unplug from the matrix and hive mind, take back what once was yours, and you will find you can even have the world too.

Just be brave, stay strong and true.

Stay you.

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