Aging is not a bad thing…

It truly does not matter how old you are. What matters is that you feel good and look good, which is actually possible at any age. People tend to associate aging with the loss of each, but that’s not the rule — it’s just that the passage of time makes the sins of the lifestyle harder to ignore.

Aging and being ‘old’ is dreaded by mass culture, but why? The passage of time is something that you cannot control or change. So why harbor negative feelings about it? You can just change the way you experience it and perceive it, so that it’s a positive thing instead. And that can be done with lifestyle choices — something you actually do have control over.

A shining example of this is Annette Larkins, a longtime high-fruit vegan who is passionate about healthy living. Would you ever guess her age? Should she be ashamed of it?

Or is she showing us what else is possible?

Especially interesting is that her husband does not make the same lifestyle choices as her, and he shows the classic signs of disease that people commonly believe is ‘aging’. Yet his glowing wife in her 70’s standing right next to him clearly shows that it’s not really aging. We live with the results of our choices, especially those reinforced over time.

And though there are many cosmetic surgical techniques that women avail themselves of today, those really only address the surface. They’re not going to give you the energy, mental clarity and optimism that are traditionally associated with youth — but are ultimately signs of good health, achievable at any age. It truly is an inside job — starting with your spirit.

It’s part of a larger breaking free of cultural conditioning that constricts the natural expansion of life. There is so much emphasis, culturally, on fitting into a mold and hitting all the milestones by age 25 or 30. By 40, you’re ‘over the hill’, which is supposed to mean, apparently, that it all goes down from there.

With the way aging is viewed, treated and experienced in the mainstream, it’s no wonder people dread it. I’ve encountered two women in the past week who are having a hard time coming to grips with being 60.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, at all.

Growing and changing is part of life. What’s antithetical to life is these social impositions that constrict and limit our growth and freedom.

Imagine looking and feeling good at every age. What does it matter if you’re 150 years old and gorgeous? I think it sounds magical…

Imagine your advancement through the years as an opportunity to create a meaningful contribution to life and the world, as you define it.

Imagine being at the end of your life and seeing what you’ve done, and feeling proud. Not obsolete.

Imagine being, and staying, true to you.

Your life is not a number. Your life is, always, now.

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