The Fallacy of White Supremacy vs. Black Lives Matter

While there are many glaring discrepancies among both ideologies, such as BLM being a Soros-funded Marxist organization that has in effect destroyed more black people than it’s purported to have helped, this article is about getting back to basics rather than getting lost in the weeds.

Let’s get to the real problem, which is slavery, in all its forms: the subjugation of another’s free will, by force. This is not so much a question of light skin vs dark skin, as it is good vs evil. And with this world being so illusory and appearances so deceiving, the reality is that good and evil can exist within any skin color.

It’s the spirit that matters, not the skin.

Slavery has been practiced by people of many cultures and skin colors around the world, for thousands of years. For example, though not widely published, the fact is that slavery was historically common in Africa amongst dark-skinned tribes. Slavery has not been exclusively a white-on-black crime.

In America, many African-American slaves helped reinforce slavery by taking on positions of overseeing other slaves, who were known to be even crueller in their methods than their white ‘owners’. Yes, they were slaves themselves, but they used their position of power to make life worse for slaves, not better.

To blur the lines even further — some white slaveowners had reputations of being kind to their slaves. While it might be disputed that true kindness would be to not keep people as slaves in the first place, we can also consider a more subtle but very real form of slavery — mental slavery — among white society.

For many, slavery was simply an institution — the way things were. Does that make it right? No, but how many people are capable of envisioning a different world order, let alone fulfilling it? They simply took their place in the order of things, and showed kindness where they could, because that is their nature.

Then there is also of course the legendary Underground Railroad, which helped many slaves escape to the northern states — many of which were facilitated by white people.

The point is, this isn’t a black and white issue. It is much more nuanced than that — like the human race itself. White people can be narrow-minded and racist — and so can black people. White people can be loving and wise — and so can black people. White people can be good or evil — and so can black people.

What determines our nature is the spirit within the body. Not the coloring of the body. Not even the culture or environment, though that can play a role — ultimately it is up to each of us to express the spirit we have inside.

If there is a spirit of truth and justice, we do the right thing. We don’t fall victim to these divide-and-conquer sociopolitical scams out of fear that we might look like a bad person if we don’t. We are safe in the knowledge that who we are inside, is enough.

Especially since the spirit of the new world order, of which Soros is an engineer, is the same of that of the old. Evil has many disguises, but the inside remains the same.

We can rise above this. 🌞

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