Do the Georgia Guidestones Spell Mass Depopulation?

With people dropping dead left, right and center within days after receiving Covid-19 vaccination, and highly questionable reporting methods — the most recent high-profile case being that of rapper DMX, who received a Covid-19 vaccine just two days before his death at the young age of 50 — public distrust of the Covid-19 vaccine is at an all-time high.

A small sample in a sea of similar tweets. Why is this topic not listed in “trending”?

And with the subject of mass depopulation seeded into the collective consciousness in various ways, in particular in the film V for Vendetta, in which a mutant virus is developed through a vaccine and goes on to kill many thousands of people, one has to wonder: is that what’s really going on here?

Why does our current world look so much like the future dystopia portrayed in the film V for Vendetta?

Especially with the ominous presence of the Georgia Guidestones, a megalithic monument erected in the 1980s by an unknown source that appears to call for mass depopulation — keeping humanity at a population of just 500 million total — a fraction of the 8 billion who currently reside on planet Earth.

I touched on this topic briefly in my previous article about mass depopulation, but I want to talk more about the Georgia Guidestones in particular.

But first, please be aware that this information is from my own perspective and intuition. It’s not something I can “prove” or something you will find anywhere else. I am just interested in the truth, above all else.


The Georgia Guidestones seem to be a weird mashup of two other culturally prominent stone symbols: Stonehenge and the Ten Commandments.

They are a large megalith structure like Stonehenge, containing a set of “rules” for humanity like the Ten Commandments.

And though Stonehenge and the Ten Commandments have little in common, religiously speaking anyway, they do share one very important thing in common, and that is — they were created many thousands of years ago.

They were meant to last ages.

For this reason, I believe it’s likely that the Georgia Guidestones is not referring to an imminent depopulation scheme, but could possibly be in place for a future civilization — and possibly after some cataclysmic event which could potentially reduce the size of the population drastically. Perhaps the Georgia Guidestones are meant to serve as the new religion for the people of that age.

I do not believe they are meant for the people of our time.

Next, consider what the rulers of the world are telling us themselves:

They’re not planning for only 500 million people.

It’s also important to examine what they are motivated by: money. A booming population has made them fabulously wealthy, which has allowed them to build their empire and luxurious lifestyles most people can’t even imagine. Do you really think they are going to let all that go?

And, just like it doesn’t make sense for them to kill off the slave labor that’s supporting them, they are also not going to kill off their sheeple followers on general. Why would they eliminate the ones who obey and are easily controlled, leaving only the ones who did not vaccinate and by so doing have established capability of independent thought and action? That wouldn’t fit with their agenda at all.

But if the world population were to somehow reduce to 500 million overnight, it would take far more than just 80 years to get back to 10.9 billion. It certainly wouldn’t be done by the year 2100 — especially given today’s alarming infertility rates.

If you are trying to get pregnant, it’s important to avoid animal products including dairy, unless organic or homegrown. Animals on the mass market are fed with crops that are produced with glyphosate. More reasons to avoid dairy (hormones) in my article here.

In line with the issue of infertility rates, what is particularly interesting about this projection is that it flattens after 2100. This suggests a population whose reproduction is, somehow, entirely controlled, perhaps by an authoritarian government, as described (foretold?) by Aldous Huxley in the novel Brave New World.

In the novel, we see the world is made up of people who are totally dependent on the state, and have no agency of their own.

And it seems we are seeing the creation of this in real time, in real life.

This is what I believe the Covid-19 vaccine is ultimately for — there’s no real need to inoculate everyone against a disease that has a 99+% survival rate, anyway. And it’s obviously not about health, with Krispy Kreme offering free donuts to the vaccinated, as well as fast food joints allowed to remain open during lockdown while gyms were forced to close.

The Covid-19 vaccine is meant to create a state-dependent population of NPCs — people who have no agency or soul, and are thus easily controlled. This is readily apparent if you observe their behavior: no independent thought, and no understanding or empathy for others. Just a militaristic arm of the state ready to go to war against anyone who doesn’t believe in the nonsensical new state religion (Covid, climate change, BLM — whatever is being programmed into their hive mind).

These are the ones who survive the vaccine, the ones who adapt, and they are able to do this precisely because they are NPC — they don’t have a soul. This is what the state wants.

And I believe the ones who don’t survive, who don’t adapt, are the ones who do have a soul. This is just something I’ve noticed after observing several people who have died after the Covid-19 vaccine: they’re the good ones. They had a soul.

But my understanding of the Covid-19 vaccine is that it cuts the soul off from the body. And the body cannot live without the soul.

So, for anyone who is cheering on the vaccine deaths, believing that mass depopulation will come in swiftly to solve the NPC problem, I have bad news for you. The problem is so much worse than that.

We are moving into a soul-less world where NPC’s are what we are going to be stuck with.

Perhaps that is what will bring about the cataclysm.

Because as much as the technocrats want to deny it, the spiritual world is very real. And it’s not going to support this.

Maybe this is why we’re seeing extremely powerful forces of nature waking up.

Something tells me Earth won’t be paying a carbon tax on this.

Good luck.

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