I don’t believe in ‘accidents’

That’s not to say that the female cop intentionally killed him. The police force has stated it was an accident, and camera footage seems to support this claim.

But I still don’t think it was an accident. I think it only looks like an accident to short-sighted human eyes, who don’t see the invisible spiritual world behind this one.

I think there was another force guiding her hand.

I think it was divine justice at work.

I think she potentially saved many more lives, including children, by taking out this one.

How does a 20 year old come across this much cash?

The gang hand sign, stacks of cash, illegal guns, drugs, and criminal record make it seem likely that he was involved in dangerous activities, and that he may have hurt others, even more than his record indicates. We don’t know, and may never know, and probably can’t even imagine the full extent of it.

BLM opportunists mourn the loss of a full “life ahead of him”, but a life full of what? If the past is any predictor of the future (which it usually is), we can expect that this person would have continued to hurt people.

That isn’t going to happen now.

Maybe instead of mourning his death, they should mourn the woeful choices he made that ended in his death.

When I first saw the headline that a cop shot and killed a black guy at a traffic stop, I cringed. Why do they have to make things harder for themselves?

But when I actually read through the story and saw the details of the situation, I realized something.

I wasn’t sorry he was taken out.

And I think if this world weren’t so completely backwards, the world wouldn’t be sorry either. They would realize it was the right thing to do. Or they would have raised him right in the first place.

It’s hard to believe that someone involved in criminal gang activity came from a loving family.

“Everybody loves you when you’re six foot in the ground.”

And when they can use your death to advance a sociopolitical agenda.

The current police force in the US are patriots and some of the biggest supporters of Trump out there. That’s why they’re going for them.

And you can expect that the ‘community policing’ models they are trying to replace them with will be the real racist, terrorist, brutalist thugs. While many US police didn’t enforce strict lockdown measures, you can be sure these will.

Look past the propaganda and the lies. A criminal is being spun as a victim so that the criminal organization and politics that support him can continue.

That’s it. They don’t really give a shit about him, or you.


(I also considered a potential other and opposite situation would be that the force guiding her hand, or whatever has created this play, did it deliberately to set off the chain of BLM events to further the agenda. Possibly.)

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