DIY: My $2 Clear Skin Solution

How I wish I would have discovered this 20 years ago! It would have saved my life. 

But even now, in my mid-30’s, it’s still worth knowing, because yes, I still occasionally suffer from acne breakouts. Though I’ve also discovered acne is mostly controlled by diet (whole food vegan, specifically avoiding dairy), I’m not perfect, and I don’t live in a dairy-free bubble, so occasionally I do still eat the odd dairy item. And then I pay dearly for it. 

Except, not anymore. This is the only topical thing that has ever worked to keep my skin clear (and I’ve tried them all), even when I eat dairy or olive oil. It’s been about two months now that I’ve been using it, and my skin is totally, consistently clear. I almost feel like myself again. It is truly amazing. 

And what is it? Nothing more than Epsom salts dissolved in (hot) water. Yep, that’s all. I keep it in a spray bottle and apply it every other day or so. That’s all. 

That’s what finally worked to clear up my skin. 

Now, as you might imagine, the solution is very drying, so I also apply rosehip oil after it dries. You can use any moisturizer you like, but I have been using rosehip oil for years, and I prefer it to expensive lab-created moisturizers that have a long list of cancer-causing chemicals. 

The best solution really is the most simple. 

Would you try it?

You can easily and inexpensively make it yourself at home. But I know not everyone is the DIY type.

In one of my many fantasies, I own an apothecary shop, and this is a product I would definitely stock. I don’t know if that will ever actually happen, because there’s so much that’s off-putting about being a business owner. Especially in today’s world, where small business owners are being destroyed or assimilated into the Borg left and right.

So for now, feel free to send me a message, and I’ll make up a bottle for you and send it to you, for only the cost of materials and shipping. 

That’s how important it is to me. It might be too late to save my own life, but if I can put this out there, then maybe I can save someone else’s. Maybe yours. 

Because I know what it’s like to suffer for years and feel totally out of control of your life as you watch it slip away, and you’re supposed to pretend like everything is okay.

Instead, you can see how beautiful you truly are. 

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