Recipe: Pickled Eggs

Have you ever had pickled eggs? They might seem weird at first, but after trying them, I think they’re one of the best ways of eating eggs.

Which I normally don’t even do. But a weird thing happened last winter: the wrong grocery order was delivered to my house. At first I was pissed, because I wanted *my* food, but then I immediately felt like an ungrateful wretch, because the universe had indeed delivered food to my door, which became mine when the grocery delivery service wouldn’t take it back. 

So even though it wasn’t what I ordered or wanted, I decided to see it as a blessing anyway. Most of it I could use, and did. 

But there was these eggs. 

With the first dozen, I tried a few different ways: scrambled (obvs), baked in a cake, hard-boiled… meh. 

The second dozen sat unused in the refrigerator for a while, as I thought about what to do with them.

Then I happened across this recipe for pickled eggs in a prepper forum. Intriguing!

So I tried it, loosely based on this:

And two weeks later, they were ready to eat.

The flavor is good. The texture is interesting… the white is firmed up in the pickling process. The yolk pretty much stays the same, but it’s not so bad when eaten all together. I think it could work even better as part of a salad or smorgasbord. 

Though these probably won’t become a staple in my diet anytime soon, they are a good thing to keep in mind if you ever have more eggs than you can eat, or if you want to have stored ready-to-eat food available for an off-grid situation, whether for the short term like hiking or day trips, or long term survival prepping. They seem very useful for these purposes, so I’m surprised I’ve never seen them in a supermarket… only once did I come across pickled quail eggs, and that was in a specialty roadside market in south Alabama. 

What about you? Have you ever seen or tried pickled eggs? Would you?

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