The Covid Crusades

I am constantly trying to figure out the true nature of reality here, what exactly is going on, and what is my role in it?

I have been told to “enjoy life”, which sounds great, but is it really going to be possible? Can we have a good life, or are the coming years/decades simply going to be about survival?

Because we thought we were going to have a nice day and go out to lunch, but we were met with war instead.

(Not my photo, but I’m sure you are well aware this type of thing is everywhere).

And Donald Trump was right when he called it an “Invisible Enemy”, because who are you going to fight? I’ve been seeing a ton of “Joan of Arc” themes recently, but I have also wondered if that entire story was made up — anyway, it ended badly, didn’t it… even if 500 years later they made her a saint, which really just paved the way for further exploitation (hello, Hollywood).

These are consciousness wars. The battleground is the mind.


One thing that Florida has made glaringly obvious (if the fraudulent US President, or any of the other myriad problems, haven’t already), is that government is a puppet for corporation$. People who don’t live in Florida believe that since there is no mask mandate, that it means “no masks”. Not at all.

I can say from firsthand experience that there are plenty of masks here, most notably at corporate chain stores and restaurants, as well as universities. The difference here though is that it’s not being enforced (except at the university library I made the mistake of entering), at least not for customers. Almost all employees are wearing them, though I did see one restaurant in Naples where a server wasn’t wearing one, and it almost made me stop in for dinner, except I didn’t want to blow my savings account in one meal.

So in general, even though you can mostly get away with not wearing a mask, and even though there is no government mask mandate, the masks are still very much present. And that is because the corporation$ are the ones who are really running things. Florida is not the Promised Land you think it is.

This is the unfortunate drawback of having such a huge consumer base. The corporation$ have so much money now, because there are so many of you, that they don’t need to care about the illusion of customer service anymore. They don’t care if they lose you, because there are plenty more to replace you. “A sucker born every minute” is their motto. Stay away from these Big Dick corporation$.


Speaking of, I’ve mostly been staying off Facebook, but a few times I have logged back in, because I remember what it’s really about: the people. (And it would behoove the corporation$ to remember this too). There are just some brilliant people I’ve connected to there, and I can’t even imagine the darkness my life would still be in if I had not found them.

But it’s been a lot to handle, too. There is one author I found there, Kate Mosse, who posted about the TV miniseries of her novel, Labyrinth. I watched it, and once again am pulled back into that world of medieval southern France. I don’t know why it has such a strong hold on me, but I can guess, especially with what this viewing triggered in me.

For one, I took another look at Cathar Christianity, after ten years, and it seems like there’s much more info about it online now. I kind of always had this deep sense of attraction to it, but after reading just the Wikipedia page (I know), I was stunned by how much resonance I felt with their beliefs… it was like reading about my own beliefs. It actually made me want to start a Cathar revival, just so I can find my people again. Surely the world is more open, liberal and tolerant now? Isn’t religious freedom a thing now? Isn’t “Pays Cathare” a tourist money draw for southern France?

Yes, exactly, because it’s redundant now.

The new Crusades are being employed by the new Religion: Covid.

Try being to Covid what Cathars were to Roman Catholicism (that is, not buying the state-sponsored lie, and seeking and speaking the truth, and being generally independent, including financially).


It was weird watching the Labyrinth film, not only because it was so evil (much worse than I remember the book being, although it’s five years since I’ve read it), but the many rememberings that were triggered by it. For one, the name Simon de Montfort, who led the Crusades against the Cathars. Somehow I knew this person was in my family tree, so I looked it up afterward, and sure enough. The Crusader was Simon IV, and he’s an indirect relation — we share Simon III, his grandfather.

Though I have been warned many times to not talk about my family or family tree, I feel this is okay to share, because it’s an important lesson.

I have often felt like an outsider in my family, and always struggled to fit in. This includes with my extended family, which includes this de Montfort branch. Growing up, we lived a two-hour drive away from them, so I only saw them on holidays, and as a kid, that mostly meant playing with my cousins.

Then we grew up, and I was like… oh.

So I wondered why someone (me) who was likely a Cathar in another lifetime would be born in the lineage of the Crusaders.

And then I remembered something that I learned a while ago, that’s somewhat related: oftentimes American Indians and Colonial settlers also “switch” roles, in terms of reincarnation. That is, American Indians will be born as white middle class people, and vice versa. This is facilitated by inter-marrying (for example, many “white” Americans have Native American blood), and is supposedly to settle karmic debts.

My understanding for a while now is that I was born into my family to heal generational curses, and this realization clicked it for me. Why I feel like such an outsider, and in terms I can comprehend.

But I still don’t really know what to do with it.

This is of course only one branch of many — as you can imagine after a thousand years of history, there are many ancestors. However, as even the film mentioned (and I do remember this from the book), you can be more connected to a particular ancestor, even if there are hundreds of years between you. For example, in Labyrinth, the main character Alice in modern times shares a special spiritual ancestral connection with Alais, the Cathar princess in the early 1200’s.

This is also something that’s backed up by DNA testing — for example, people getting notified that their DNA is closely matched to an ancestor from several hundred years ago.

Genetics is a fascinating thing. Especially when the spiritual side is factored in.

It must all be leading up to something — here, now. What is the point of life in this world?

Can we just enjoy it, or is there always going to be war?

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