Death is but a journey to another star.

I just woke up from such an amazing dream — the rare kind that you feel so excited about, you just have to share. 

There were many details which were fleeting upon waking, but here’s the gist of it:

I was meeting with a girl in NYC, we didn’t know each other but we were going to be roommates, so we started talking, and surprisingly, we seemed to be of the same mind. Our conversation just flowed. And one of the things we started talking about was death. 

We were sitting in an outdoor beer garden on a corner of NYC, and it was full of people, but they seemed to be sedated. They were just sort of lying in their chairs and not engaging with each other, like they were on opium or something. But they were listening to us. 

The realization of our conversation was the true nature of death. We asked each other, what if what happens after death is really some great thing, and all this fear and hype around death is a total psy-op? 

I told her I had been taken to the “death state” many times during dreams, and I could see it again now. And basically it was like being in a train station or airport, busy and full of excitement with people coming and going. But it wasn’t hectic or stressful like during normal life — there was just a lot of movement. People were going to all kinds of other places, other planets. 

And I quoted a few interesting people on death, but the only one I can remember now is Van Gogh: “death is but a journey to another star” (or it might have been “death only takes us to another star”). 

Then I caught a glimpse of a few people who had died of Covid (whatever that is, it’s a thing now), and they simply expressed that they wished they had spent their last days differently. As if they had known they were going on a journey, and made the most of their time left on Earth. 

And that was the crux of the psy-op. People had been conditioned to be so afraid of death, that they let it (the fear) end their lives before death ever did. And once they got to the other side, as we all inevitably do, they saw that the fear was all for nothing. 

It was truly amazing. 

Especially since there is no modern cultural understanding of death. We might be working off an old religion, which says that if you believe X and behave, then you’ll be rewarded in the afterlife. 

But most people have abandoned that — they just haven’t exactly replaced it with the truth, at least not on a broad scale. There only seems to be fear, or nihilism. 

However, our exhilarating conversation in the dream came to the best part: the people around us were listening, and slowly starting to wake up. Suddenly, we all broke out into song:

God bless America

Land that I love

Stand beside her

And guide her

Through the night

with a light

from above.

From the mountains

To the valleys

To the oceans

White with foam

God bless America

My home, sweet home

God bless America

My home, sweet home

We were all hugging each other, raising our glasses and cheering. We had come alive again. 

Then I woke up. 

It was truly amazing. ❤

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