Beach life

I haven’t posted much lately, mostly because I’ve found other stuff that’s better to do than being on my phone, and I’m just living it and don’t even know where to begin.

Then i remember this blog is for personal expression and pleasure, not pressure. So I’ll post when i feel like it. And tonight i felt like posting about the time I’ve spent at the beach lately and how it makes me feel.

I am in Florida for the past few weeks now. Why I’m here is for another post. But a happy side story is that i go to the beach as often as possible, nearly every day, especially to walk along the shore and watch the sunset. Another day, done, and to reflect on what was done.

And every time i go, afterward i feel like a new person. I feel peaceful and hopeful. There is something about the ocean that’s so magical, how it somehow feels like another world running right next to yours, and while you’re there you’re suspended in this place where life is just different. Now it’s about the beauty, the water, the nature. People are there to have a good time. And i am one of them. And every time it heals me a little more.

Floating in the waves, laying in the sun, reading, watching the birds, crabs, fish and other wildlife, imagining living in any of the homes, walking past people who say “good evening”, watching people kitesurfing and parasailing, picking up shells and tracing their patterns, feeling the wind on my hair and the water on my skin, sungazing and marveling at the colors in the sky, reflected in the sea below.

It’s just a whole different kind of life.

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