Prepare to make a multi-generational stand

Seeing the “mask required” signs replaced by “mask recommended and appreciated” is practically a miracle. Now that that mask mandates have been lifted for the vaccinated — or for the rest of us, we can continue carrying on as we always were — we may be tempted to believe it’s finally over, and we’ve won.

Possibly. I have to admit, I didn’t expect them to back off so quickly. But it’s not without motive — see how the problem/reaction/solution formula is set into motion: “we don’t know how to tell who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t! What we need now is for all the prison guards who formerly were posted at store entrances for mask enforcement, to now check smartphones for vaccine status!”

And as stupid as that sounds, this ridiculous propaganda confirms that it’s already happening, at least for the most gullible and brainwashed of the population. And even though that may amount to as many as 50% of Americans who have been vaccinated, that still leaves a sizable portion — well over hundred million people — and more importantly (to the corporation$), their wallets, alien to the covid-scheming market.

In other words, the covid vaccines were a huge flop, and ultimately, when it comes to the market, and even the government — money talks. The corporation$ want/need to start making money again. And that means accepting that a hundred million people are not ever going to take the vaccine.

This however certainly does not mean the war is over. This is absolutely not the time to be lulled back to sleep under the false delusion of going back to normal. No — it’s time to prepare for the next one.

Even if it’s a hundred years down the road.

One of the most curious revelations of this entire debacle has been the discovery that this is actually done in cycles. Though I was nominally aware of the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, I had not been aware of mask mandates and that they were the real reason people were getting sick and dying. I also began to see how it fit into the larger context of the stock market crash of 1929, the Great Depression, and World War II.

And how we seem to be on that same track again. Up next: the “Great Reset”. The markets are already displaying warning signs of hyperinflation, collapse, and a vulnerable state of society perfectly primed to be handed over to a charismatic dictator ready to save the world (from the problems they caused themselves, and will in reality only continue to worsen, of course).

I don’t know if they’ll actually be able to pull it off. I have reason to hope and believe that they won’t. Things are different now, in some ways for the worse, but in other ways for the better. We are waking up.

My 92 year old Grandpa was born in 1929, so it’s his parents that would have been most able to tell me what it was like then. His mother was alive for only the beginning of my life, she died when I was six, so of course I was never aware enough by then to ask her about it.

And with the way history repeats, it could possibly be our own great-grandchildren that have to go through this again — only, worse. Back then, they didn’t even have vaccines. Now, we have vaccines, but enough of us know they’re part of the bullshit agenda. What’s going to happen in 100 years?

I don’t know. But the social engineers now have massive amounts of data from the past year and a half of the covid social experiment. Even if not in this generation, mandatory vaccinations could easily become the norm by the next pandemic in 100 years.

And at this point you might be saying, who cares, that’s 100 years from now. Won’t affect me.

Ah, but it will.

See, here’s a little secret which our darling elite know and have been benefitting from for the whole of existence, while keeping you in the dark: we reincarnate in our bloodlines.

This is why they marry their cousins. It’s not because they’re actually in love, it’s just about keeping all that lovely money (and property, assets, etc) in the family. Sure, “you can’t take it with you” — but you can set up something that’s worth coming back to.

And though I’m not suggesting you marry your cousin, I am definitely supporting that we all take a similar eye to the future and plan for it. Because yes, we are going to be here again, and we will have to live with the future results of whatever we do (or do not do) now.

This is why the rich stay rich (and grow ever more rich) and the poor stay poor (and grow ever poorer). Poor people live for today, often blow what little money they have on self-destructive pleasures like drinking and gambling, and rarely if ever invest in their children. Whereas the wealthy have an eye for the long-term, and though they certainly have their vices, they are also very bound by honor and duty.

Truly, the best investment you can make in this life is in setting up a family business, property, etc. that your descendants can continue to build on, and theirs onward. This also includes passing down information about themselves and the world. Every child should know his/her family tree and the accomplishments of his/her ancestors.

And especially relevant to the covid situation, every child should be made well aware of what is really going on here, what they did and how they did it. Keep a detailed account and share it with your children as they are old enough to comprehend it. Because even though there is a lot of info on the internet, there is also a lot of propaganda, and furthermore, we don’t know how access is going to change in the next hundred years. We don’t know what is still going to be there. So you can set up an invaluable resource now.

This can also help your children find some meaning in life. We are not here for the rat race, fast food and Disney vacations. The elite build their empire over generations.

We must be prepared to do the same.

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