Thrift Upcycle: Pineapple Minidress

I’ve been very interested in fruit-themed clothing lately, so I was thrilled to find this pineapple minidress at Goodwill. It was a very tight fit, but it was also 50% off, so for $3.20 I figured I could afford to try to make something out of it.

I had visions of yellow gingham ribbon in a corset lace-up, so I stopped by Michael’s this morning and found some for about the same price as the dress.

And after much deliberation I decided to cut the back (shown) and leave the front. I also threaded it so the bow would be at the bottom, and therefore more visible (not hidden by hair).

This made the top a perfect fit — but I had to face the fact that the minidress just wasn’t working. Even if I somehow widened it, it would still be way too short to ever wear as a dress.

So I cut off the bottom, and decided to make a bandeau top out of it. I used the ribbon again to create a cinched bow in the center and a halter strap.

It looks super cute, but I don’t really wear cropped tops, so I might repurpose it later. Or form a girl band and give it to my band mate. 😄👌

This was a fun little project, and now I have pineapple clothes, which is a nice tribute to how much I love it and have been eating it lately.

In an unexpectedly related note, I have been utterly bewitched by Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice, and found this:

The colors match my logo, too.

*contented sigh*

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