Electric cars, electric humans?

The human body is often likened to a car, and in many ways it is — for example, the human body is a vehicle for consciousness to express itself in the physical. The food we eat is fuel for our bodies the same way gasoline is fuel for a car — and both the human body and cars use the same process of combustion for power — for now.

Did you know that? Yes, human body cells use combustion to create ATP, which is what energizes the body. I’m kind of surprised this isn’t discussed more, with the healthy diet craze of the past few decades, but then again, maybe biochemistry is too complex — or too simple, because it makes it perfectly clear that the body’s primary energy source is glucose — this is what gets converted into ATP — which means that the best food for the body is fruit — which simply won’t do at all. They can’t have people knowing that the food we are meant to be eating is the food that naturally grows for free and seeds and propagates itself for free and could be available in abundance for free. No, they need people to buy into the fake food system that’s making them sick and then buy into the fake medical system that’s killing them — I mean, treating them until they die, and the fake education and entertainment system that’s distracting them from all this, and the fake political system that’s enabling all this.


Anyway, since there is an obvious push for electric (and next, autopilot) cars — and I’ve seen a lot of Teslas lately — it makes me wonder if this is also supposed to represent a change in the human body. They are replacing combustion cars with electric cars that plug in — and obviously “plugged-in” is an expression already well established in the human vernacular. And they are replacing human drivers with AI drivers — what does that say about the role of human consciousness in the years to come?

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