I drove past Mar-a-Lago today

I was in the neighborhood, so why not?

It’s an impressive display of money, even moreso when you realize that these homes are vacation homes (vacation castles?) and their owners are probably not even there. They just have these palatial places set aside the Atlantic coast for whenever the occasion calls for it.

It’s hard not to feel jealous, but I decided to feel inspired instead. A great, expansive idea came to me.

Even though it’s a beautiful aesthetic, it’s not how I’d spend my money. I’d rather a castle in the country, like Pemberley (or Chatsworth). It’s the land that counts.

The ocean is my true lover forever though. The turquoise waves were roaring and rushing huge today… I watched some surfers, and tried to get some video, but the waves were mostly the wipeout kind. Yet somehow I knew as soon as I put the camera down, it would happen. A guy with a golden body glistening in the sun executed a perfect run, right in front of me…

Some things just won’t be filmed.

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