Hypocrites Way

I always found it mildly cringey that Hippocrates, who is hailed as the founder of modern medicine, could be easily mistakenly pronounced as hypocrits, if you aren’t Greek or familiar with the Greek pronunciation, which is hih-PAH-crah-tees. And why would Google Maps be? So I laughed when, pulling up to the Hippocrates Health Institute, the AI voice told me to turn right onto “Hypocrites Way”.

And then I saw it. The entry guard was wearing a mask, talking to the car in front of me. And there was a sign on the guard shack — stating visitors must wear masks on premesis.

What the actual fuck? Why? Why would they be doing this? Isn’t this place supposed to be a bastion of health and healing? Aren’t we supposed to be the light of truth and the way forward in a world that’s lost all its senses?

Apparently not. The mask tells you everything you need to know, without saying a word. It is the silent symbol of slavery, of subjugation to the corporate masters. And it’s especially ironic in places that are ostensibly about health, to have this forced anti-health measure in the name of health.

The bullshit is thick and multi-layered.

We don’t even have to get into the science. If it feels wrong and unnatural, simply don’t do it.

But yes, let’s follow the science, before it became $cience in 2020. Masks don’t stop cold/flu symptoms from spreading, and even make them worse. Fitting a filthy cloth over your respiration system all day every day — what do you think that’s going to do?

And why would the Hippocrates Health Institute be part of it?

I was shocked. This is Florida. They haven’t even had a state mask mandate here. There was no government requirement for this.

And even if they are going by the CDC/CCP Puppet-President — well that mask mandate was recently lifted, so even places that were still requiring masks, like national chains, have removed their ‘mask required’ signs.

What gives then? Why am I seeing this?

It occurred to me that I could just ignore it like I’ve ignored all the others — but this place was supposed to be different. It was supposed to be about wellness. I wanted to see free, healthy and happy people. I wanted to be inspired, and to enjoy it.

Instead, I slowly backed up, turned around and drove off of Hypocrites Way.

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