We are in “Life finds a way” mode

I often think about what is the best family model or social structure for raising children, so much so that it’s too bad I haven’t written any of it down, because it could fill a book. One post won’t be enough to cover it all, but it’s a start, and maybe it’s all the treatment the subject needs anyway, especially after what I saw in someone’s backyard last week, which was a salvaged tree log that new branches were sprouting out of (side note: yes, I end my sentences with prepositions, unabashedly, because that’s also that natural way I speak. I wouldn’t ever say “out of which new branches were sprouting”, at least not without sarcasm).

Even though the log was in no way rooted to the ground, new branches were sprouting out of it, while the owner quipped that “life finds a way.” (Setting aside the irony of quoting a film about life forms gone extinct).

And I realized that one symbol was exactly it. However impossible the situation seems — they will grow out of it. And it’s really as simple as that.

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