The Conspiracy within the Conspiracy

Someone posted a video on social media a while ago, and I’m not going to link to it, because it was a lot of Christian end-times crap, but one thing I thought was very interesting was a claim that it made that there is a fake new world order going on, and the takedown of which is going to lead to the conspiracy theorists “winning” and thereby ushering in the real new world order, which is allegedly going to be hell on earth, and all at our own doing.

Something about it actually makes sense to me, especially as it seems to be unfolding on the world stage now, with all these sudden reversals on what the media previously upheld with reverence. Bill Gates’s fall from grace. The Wuhan lab leak of the coronavirus now being considered instead of being dismissed as a conspiracy theory. A BBC presenter who died shortly after getting the vaccine is now getting an investigation, instead of vague claims of unknown causes as per usual. Even NPC cult hero Joe Biden’s predatory comments about children are starting to receive raised eyebrows, rather than laughed off as “Uncle Joe”.

It’s pretty weird.

I would say it’s great we’re finally getting some honesty, but the puppet masters are too smart for that. There’s a reason they made it ridiculous from the start. The only people who believe the lies are the people who want to believe. For anyone who is interested in the truth, it’s not hard to find. Why is that? Why have they so poorly covered their tracks? It’s almost like they want to be found out. Why?

There’s some ulterior motive here, and it very well may be the conspiracy within the conspiracy.

I truly don’t know. It seems the more I experience, the more I don’t know. It gets weirder every day.

I can tell you that it seems to be interactive with the mind and spirit, on individual and collective levels. The world may look only physical, but indeed, in reality, it is highly spiritual and mental.

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