“A mind stretched by new wonders can never go back to its former dimensions.”

I had a great lockdown.

Looking back, I don’t know where I got the idea. But I decided I was going to go to Florida and film a documentary on food forests. 

So I did. And it was the most empowering thing, to take future in your hands, to be a creator, to interact with life in this way. Every day was no longer the same as the one before. It was an adventure, and I was the one to decide how it was going to be. 

People loved the idea. I received so much positive feedback, praise and enthusiasm. Dr. Morse told me I’m a lightbulb in a dark room. He also asked if I was a Pisces — high praise, indeed — but no, I am a Virgo (which, thinking about it later, I think is kind of the Earth equivalent of Pisces). 

Doors opened, connections were made, gifts were given — one person put a tank of gas in my car and bought me lunch; another hosted me for nearly free at her Airbnb, and still another gave me tree cuttings from her garden. I didn’t ask for or expect any of these things, they were simply offered to me, making it all even more amazing. 

I even got (*fingers crossed*) a job. And it’s with a company in this field, something with a mission I actually would feel good about putting my energy into, and doing something I actually enjoy and am good at. 

Truly amazing. And in this economy! The world opens up when you do…

Also, I went to the beach nearly every day, as often as I could — to walk, swim, and watch the gorgeous sunsets. It was so healing, being at that beach. I am still in love with it, and I came home inspired.

Though, the word “home” doesn’t feel like quite right — it felt weird coming back to my apartment, and like it was some sort of time travel. I’ve outgrown it, and the person I was too. I’ve got a wider view now. I had been feeling despondent and hopeless over the winter, reading about the sorry state of the world and feeling like there was no future for me in it. 

So it felt so good to remember magic again. I can think about my future now with hope and excitement, even if it’s still in planning stages. I actually did try to stay in Florida, but nothing seemed to be panning out, and with Mercury retrograde upon us now, I had to accept that, with the possibility of returning later. 

But it’s all for the best… as I’ve received an offer for where to go next, and… that Pride & Prejudice obsession must have done something. There were so many signs for it on the way home. ❤ 

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