Vaccine confusion

It’s so strange now that the mask mandate is lifted for vaxxed people. Of course, not everyone is into the consensus bullshit, so it’s quite a trip to go to the grocery store and see people without masks and wonder, is this person vaccinated?

I almost want to get a t-shirt printed that says ‘Unvaccinated’, just to clear any possible confusion from my part. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a model of a vaccine-taking person, or that I advocate the vaccine.

It’s also quite interesting to see how many people are still wearing masks — clearly the vaccine was not a hit. Possibly some are vaccinated too, but again, there’s no way to tell.

I can see how this confusion could be used to bring in vaccine passports, but I just don’t see them pulling that off. Perhaps now we are seeing the signs of the scam eventually fading into the forgotten corners of the collective subconscious.

So one wonders what was the point of it all then.

Well one thing is for sure, there is no going back to what we were before.

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