Disease & Consciousness

I have been thinking a lot lately on the nature of disease and how it expresses differently in different people. Why do some people get acne, while others get obese, while still others develop MS, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, or any of the other myriad mystery illnesses the medical industry can’t seem to find any solution for?

If we know that, at the root, the cause of all disease is the same — a combination of lack of proper nutrition plus excess toxicity from various lifestyle choices — then the difference in manifestation has to be accounted for on another level: the metaphysical.

If we could fully comprehend the way the mind interacts with the body, then we would have much more control over health and disease.

I think in some areas this information is known, but it is kept on reserve for those areas, and the general population is not made aware of it, and so instead hands their consciousness, body, and health over to the system that profits from it.

One thing I have realized is that the last ground of freedom we really have is our bodies and minds. That’s the only thing we really can have control over. Some people think they live in a free country, lol. What we have seen in the past year alone has put paid to that.

Even if you have your own land or your own home — try not paying taxes on it, and see if you still own it. Unless it’s on allodial title (it isn’t), you are merely renting it.

Your body is the only ground you can truly own, which I believe is why the war is being fought there now. Most of it is done surreptitiously — they suggest an idea, you believe it, and in so doing, hand yourself over to them. A perfect example of this is all the people getting vaccinated with who knows what, for a flu that has a recovery rate of 99.9%.

The medical industry is how the elite systems are getting you to surrender your sovereignty, and it’s not only through the scamdemic, although that has certainly been one of the most fascinating large-scale social experiments of our time.

But it also does it subtly, by setting up this system where you are handing over your consciousness and body to them, to manage your disease, even though they are part of the same system that gave you the disease in the first place.

Note that I am talking only about chronic disease, which is what has built this system up to be what it is today, because it’s what nearly everyone is experiencing, in one form or another: cancer, heart disease, obesity, type II diabetes, etc. I’m not talking about emergency health services, although they could possibly be related to consciousness too — however, that’s not what the largesse of the medical industry is about. Diseases for which there seem to be no cause or cure — only the lifetime pharmaceutical management of progressively worse conditions of the body and mind.

The ultimate freedom, then, is freedom from disease, and independence of this medical system. And it’s much more simple than you might think, or than they make it appear to be. You shouldn’t ever have to get involved with the medical system, if you don’t want to (emergencies excluded).

If you know that the root cause of all disease is nutritional deficiency + toxic lifestyles, then you know what you have to do, if you really want to heal. The corollary to this is to avoid hospitals where they are serving Coca-cola and microwaved processed foods, enforcing face masks, and recommending vaccines — they aren’t going to give you the answers. Their job is to keep you as a customer, for as long as possible.

This is what I have realized when people start talking about their “medical issues” and all the nightmares that have come from dealing with the medical system. They want you to feel sorry for them and what they have to go through, and give them sympathy and money, but really — it was their choice to hand over their sovereignty from the beginning. They are the ones keeping themselves there, and they are playing on you the same way that was played on them. Do I want to enable or be part of that?

No matter how much something might tempt you, or use various mind tricks so that you believe in it — you always have a choice.

If you want to heal and be free instead of being a miserable oppressed slave in the system:

  • Eat food that has real nutritional value.
  • Remove toxins from your life; live pure.
  • Stop bullshitting yourself and others.

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