10-Month Term Limits

I had a dream last night that I was waitressing at a political event with President Trump (still in office) and, oddly, Nancy Pelosi. He was asking us for suggestions, and I said, “ten-month term limits”. 

Then I looked at Pelosi and said, “sorry.” Trump just kind of smiled and said something like, “all forgiven.”

Then it got even weirder: Pelosi and another woman who looked exactly like her, but was on the other side of the aisle, started arguing and drawing attention to them. Their intent was distraction, but all I could comment on was how they looked and acted exactly like sisters — it was astounding, the resemblance. 
And then I said — or thought — that with 10-month term limits, there would be none of this political theater and politicians making their careers by bullshitting voters, and we might have hope for the position to become that of a true public servant. 

Imagine attracting altruistic people who truly want to work on policy rather than self-aggrandizement or being a frontpiece for hidden corporate interests. With such a short term, elections would not be based on campaigning for name-recognition, but simply based on policy position. With such a short term, if a bullshitter did happen to slip through the cracks, then the amount of time they have to do damage is strictly limited. 

And you may be thinking, is 10 months really enough time to get anything done? They can barely get anything done as it is now.

Well, how much policy do we really need, anyway? Maybe less is more.

But still, policy, rather than narcissism, would be the focus. This is what the true meaning of politics is (or should be): policy. Not what we currently have, which is, “many blood-sucking parasites.”

I’m not sure what precipitated this dream, but I found it interesting as a concept anyway. 

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