Sociopolitical Fakery

One of the many injustices of the scamdemic is that wearing a mask and getting a vaccine is equated with “cares about others” — according to the brainwashing, which is down even to rating your Amazon delivery driver with a little masked “cares about others” icon — while someone who doesn’t go along with the BS is considered a granny killer. 

Of course, it’s obvious to see why the social engineers would manipulate public perception like this, but it’s still so unfortunate, because it’s yet another example of the imposed reality being completely the opposite of the truth: I care immensely. I care about the TRUTH. I care about what is real. Real people, real health and real life. 

I said at dinner tonight that we need people to acknowledge that what we have just gone through was not about a pandemic, but a hostile world takeover. And the response I was met with kind of shocked me: apparently, most people know this, and they’re okay with it. 

If you know what it’s really about… why the hell are you letting them do this to you? Why would you get jabbed, if you know it’s all fake?

Whatever happened to integrity?

This is what I can’t stand about all of it, including the gay pride thing. It’s not that I have a problem with same-sex relations, because I don’t, and overall I feel other people’s sex lives are private and none of my concern. If they want the same insurance benefits as hetero married people, easy enough, that’s nothing but paperwork.

So what the fuck is this massive sociopolitical agenda sweeping the nation, proclaiming that “love is love”, but behind it all it’s just a bunch of self-absorption and narcissism. That’s what I can’t stand about it. It’s not the gay part. It’s the fake part. 

And again the fakery continues, with fake girl-child warrior Greta Thunberg styled as modern Joan of Arc and we are all supposed to be inspired by her amazing world-changing ways, meanwhile once again the agenda she’s speaking about is total bullshit. That’s the only reason we even know of her in the first place, why the world gives her a pop media platform.

If a real woman went up and spoke out against the scamdemic or any of these other scams of the system, do you think they’d give her the time of day?

Keep in mind what they did to Joan of Arc (if we can believe the historical accounts, that it actually happened that way) — they burned her at the stake. 

So when you see someone or some agenda the system supports — it’s because, despite the lip service about “change”, they are indeed a continuation of that system. 

Many people who are “anti-vax” (not that I recommend using that label; I don’t, even though I’m sure as shit not getting it) are systems-busters. The system knows this, it knows that we are here and why. And that’s why it programs all its NPC Agent Smiths against us, and calls it “caring”, “love”, and “justice”. They cannot create, they can only copy and corrupt.

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