Quitting Junk Food to Heal Everything

In editing my food forest documentary, one thing that immediately stood out to me is how one of the participants I interviewed for the film, Dr. Morse, said that he has gotten people with serious neurological conditions, such as quadriplegia, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and multiple sclerosis, out of their wheelchairs, with his protocol of a fruit diet and medicinal herbs.

Let that really sink in, because that in itself is amazing enough. In the mainstream world, most people are led to believe that there is no cure for these conditions, and the sufferer is reduced to a lifetime of disability and pain.

The mainstream is also currently being led to believe that the big breakthrough for people with quadriplegia comes in the form of Elon Musk’s development of a microchip implanted into the brain. We are supposed to applaud and welcome this move as an award-winning humanitarian medical innovation.

Some of us can see it for what it really is, though: a smokescreen to cover the advance of the real agenda, which is of course, a microchipped humanity, or in other words, a humanity that is no longer human, but reduced to a robot, divorced from nature (including our own human nature) and even our planet.

We don’t need to escape to Mars (as if it were possible); we just need to get control of Earth out of the hands of psychopaths. Beware that if you are following Elon Musk, he is leading you to hell — the recent Bitcoin fiasco was your warning, if nothing else has been so far.

SpaceX: I can see it’s going well.

One of the many reasons I am making this film is because I believe the way to avoid this outcome and restore us to our true nature is to, well… return to nature. And one of the most foundational ways to do that is through food.

The unfortunate reality is, most people are running on junk food now: it has become integral to the mainstream way of life. So it’s really not surprising then that we are also seeing a junk society full of illness on every level (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual). Of course, the mainstream is not taught to make that correlation.

But I noticed something peculiar in the last year: two novels I was reading happened to have a main character with multiple sclerosis. I didn’t seek these novels out for this reason, and I didn’t even know it was going to present in either one (they were romance novels). But there it was. And something I noticed in both novels: both characters with MS were addicted to junk food. Chinese, McDonalds, ice cream, etc. I don’t know if the authors did this intentionally, but I suspect not — it’s just that eating is a normal part of life, so of course the characters were eating, and this is what they were eating — this is what it’s normal to eat. It’s just that their bodies were reacting abnormally (obviously the most common reaction is obesity, but that’s not the only one).

The truth which your glorious social engineers don’t want you to know is that all disease is rooted in wrong foods. The corollary to that is that a diseased culture is also rooted in wrong foods (and wrong food systems) — and the healing of ourselves, as well as our world, is in returning to right foods. Natural foods.

Foods that come from the Earth, for free. That doesn’t jive with the microchipped new world order though. They want you on all these junk foods that you have to pay for — and pay dearly for. Not only at the point of sale, but also when you develop chronic disease that has to be managed by the medical industry for the rest of your life, and also in missed opportunities from not being able to live your life to the fullest due to poor health and the poverty that results.

Getting off this system is not going to be easy, because again, it’s been completely integrated with modern life. One of the many results of the scamdemic is that people are now accustomed to ordering food through an app on their phone and having it dropped off at their door — no human interaction required. We have become not only divorced from the source of our food, but also from each other.

This is only one of many examples, and we’ve been slowly conditioned for it over the years. The reality is: most of the food in the grocery store is fast/processed/junk foods. Most of the food that kids are eating at school, sporting events, and even at home, is fast/processed/junk foods. And obviously, most of the food at restaurants is fast/processed/junk foods. Even food at hospitals is fast/processed/junk foods.

This type of “food” has become what the mainstream believes is food — but it isn’t really food. Sure, it tastes sensational, fills the belly and gives us more than enough calories. But in terms of the real meaning of food, it’s the opposite. Real food heals. This “food” sets us on a slow, obscured course of disease and destruction, which we generally realize only after it’s too late, if ever at all. The degenerative disease that most people associate with aging, as if horrific things like heart attacks and Alzheimer’s are just what happens when you get older, could be completely avoided simply by changing up the food.

But then, it’s not so simple. Changing your food means changing your life. It’s a positive change, but still complex. You’ve got to disintegrate fast/processed/junk foods from your life. This is a huge undertaking which most people cannot fathom doing, nor have the desire to, nor the time.

This is something I struggle with too. Sure, I have been eating more fruit than ever in the past month or so, and I see the changes reflected in my body, and I love it.

But at times, I also realize what this means, what the whole scamdemic has been showing me for the past year, and what I have been slowly realizing over the past ten, twenty years: I have to leave “normal” behind. Completely.

And that’s scary. And lonely. Not that I ever really fit in, but still, there are some parts of society that I like, or at least, appreciate. Sometimes it’s nice to go to a movie and have popcorn, or sit at an outdoor cafe with a glass of wine, or stop for an ice cream cone while I’m riding my bike, or go to a wedding and have cake, or go to Thanksgiving and have turkey. To feel like you are like the people around you.

But then, the pleasure is short-lived, and doesn’t fulfill this deeper need, this quest for what it’s really possible for life to be.

And I believe this is where food forests come in. Sure, a lot of people don’t grow their own food and don’t know a thing about gardening. Sure, a lot of people don’t own property, and those who do want the status-quo lawn and landscaping.

That really doesn’t matter.

If I can get the seed of desire for healing, for real food, planted in people’s minds, then that’s all that’s really needed to get the ball rolling. People have to want it, love it. From there, the universe delivers. We will start seeing the market rise up to the demand.

For example:

  • Landscaping companies that offer edible landscaping installations and maintenance.
  • Schools and universities that offer coursework on food forest design, installation and maintenance.
  • Cafes and restaurants that have food forests on-site and worked into the menu.
  • City parks that have food forests open to the public.
  • Neighborhoods and HOAs that have food forests integrated into them.

These are systems solutions that shift the burden of responsibility from the individual to the community, which in my opinion is a far more effective approach. Sure, if someone wants to go outside and plant a food forest in their backyard, that’s awesome — but that’s definitely not going to be everyone, or even most people. So how do we get food forests everywhere? How do we shift the junk food lifestyle and culture to one of real food, real people, and real life?

A seed of awareness — and desire.

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