Corporate Bottlenecks

I really don’t know how business owners do it. I recently followed one around for half a day, and he was so busy, it exhausted me just watching him. So of course they have to delegate, to hire people to do all the stuff they don’t have time or skills to do.

But my god. The marketing people he has hired have made me remember why I have to work alone.

Case in point: they have been working on a new logo, and a month ago they said it would be ready in two weeks. Now they are saying it will be ready next week — that’s three weeks after due date, and who knows if they will even stick to this one either.

The best part is that I’ve seen a prototype of it, and it looks like it took them all of five minutes to do it.

Which is about how long a logo should take.

I get that the logo is important, but… to hold up the show for it?

Similar story for the “new website”.

The thing is, the current logo and website aren’t even bad. I was even kind of impressed with them, and had an awkward moment when I complimented them, thinking they were the new design. LOL. But anyway — shouldn’t the main thing be the actual product delivery? What does it matter how the website and logo look, compared to the product? Aren’t people tired of the fluff, and ready for substance?

To think I felt bad because it took me a week to create and deliver two promo videos!

While they are still working on a freaking logo!

I don’t mean to be mean. Maybe they are acting in integrity and just have a lot going on. I haven’t talked to the business owner about this. Maybe they’ve delivered a hundred versions and he’s sent them all back.

But in my opinion, the whole point of marketing is to get your product out there. As successful business people say: “done is better than good.”

If it were me, I’d send them a gif of Trump saying “You’re fired”, and move on with what I know already works.

ME. xD

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