White people celebrating “Juneteenth”

Is the lamest, try-hardy, disconnected-from-reality thing I’ve ever seen.

Nothing says “I’m desperate to show you I’m a woke, trendy, good person who’s been brainwashed by academia and corporate media” like posting a Juneteenth status on social media to all your white friends.

And to black people, it’s patronizing at best.

I wonder if any of them have ever even talked to a black person, besides placing a food order at a cafe. (Sorry – that was below the belt, but the woman who prepared my lunch today was black, and suffice to say, it was not made with love, and I don’t pretend to know why. Racism is poison, no matter what your skin color is.)

I have now seen several talented, intelligent, and beautiful black friends fall victim to the insanity of racism: these people who are very bright and lack nothing are now going fucking nuts with racist tirades on social media. They have been led to ignore all of their qualities and advantages (which are many) to instead focus on the fantasy that somehow they are slaves oppressed by white people, even though they are peers (I worked with and socialized with these people, and can testify that no cracking of the whip was involved).

It’s astounding to witness.

On one hand, I can empathize with ancestral trauma. It must be heavy to carry that load, and even harder to heal it. I have my own to deal with — but at the same time, you don’t see me making demands on the queen of England for my ancestor who was hanged, drawn and quartered in the fifteenth century.

It’s really not a race thing. People have always been kind of awful to each other. Look how many members of their own family the royals killed. Mary, Queen of Scots. Anne Boleyn. I think of them and comfort myself, that at least my head’s not getting chopped off, when I’m under duress to wear a mask on a plane.

I had a refreshing conversation with a black guy a few weeks ago, in that he said there is nothing more boring than the conversation about race. I emphatically agreed, and added gender and sexuality to that. These are superficialities that have very little to do with who you are inside, which is what really matters. Your spirit. It’s who you are and what you’re doing that determines what kind of person you are. Not what you look like, or your relationship status.

He was obviously not your typical black guy. He was actually English, his dad was a rich lawyer in London and they emigrated to Miami when he was in high school. And he said that was when he experienced racism, and it shocked him, because the black people in Miami totally rejected him. He was just not one of them.

And this confirms to me what I have suspected all along: this is not a race war, it’s a culture war. Skin color does not really matter to them; what matters is that you’re a member of the hive and that you do its bidding. They are only using your skin color to get you into it — which is racism itself.

I seriously doubt anyone viewed the 4th of July as ‘racist’ until social engineers put the idea in their heads. Even though the holiday is based on the Revolutionary War, its modern form is basically just a big summer party with fireworks and a little patriotism sprinkled in. Everyone can enjoy a good time, which is why the social engineers are attacking it. They need division to get what they want.

So what’s next, the national anthem? That’s also based on the Revolutionary War… are we going to see a black cultural revisionist version of that too?

[Ah, I’m behind on that one — I just got off the phone and apparently they’re already doing it at NFL games].

This is the end of America: Divide and conquer. The 4th of July is no longer an American holiday, but a “white” holiday, and the antithesis to that is a new, separate day of celebration for being an African-American, or “black”. The synthesis that will come from them, since neither will be able to stand on their own for long, will be global citizenship under a global government — aka, global enslavement.

This is social engineering in action, right in black and white.

Thesis = 4th of July (white)

Antithesis = Juneteenth (black)

Synthesis (resolution) = “new world order”

Happy day of freedom!

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