Rewiring the brain

The mask mandate is finally lifted here in Michigan — so why do people continue to wear them, even out of doors?

There is a big clue when Rachel Maddow said she was going to have to rewire her brain to not see people without masks as a threat (as obnoxious and ill-informed as that was).

This was one of the many subtle motives for the scamdemic: to rewire people’s brains for total submission. People are still wearing masks simply for the fact that their brains are now wired that way. They’ve been wearing one all day every day for the past year. Many of them forget they even have it on. It’s become as automatic as any other item of clothing.

This is how tyranny slowly creeps in. It happens before you even notice it.

You can try it on yourself. Take your two most-used apps on your phone, and switch their icon locations on your screen. See how every time you want to open one of them, your finger automatically goes for its previous position. That’s wiring.

This is a small insight into the sociological mess we have inherited from the scamdemic.

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