“Culture is Not Your Friend.”

And neither is the counterculture.

I’m having what James McAfee would call a “down day”, and I usually don’t write when I feel like this — I also don’t usually feel like this, thank God — but I’ve been thinking about it all day and just have to get it out.

It’s been raining every day for the past week, and the forecast is rain every day for the next week too. The (outdoor) event I attended last Saturday was cut short by rain. Today’s event, the lakeshore art festival, was completely canceled.

I stayed anyway, for a little while. I had driven an hour to get there, so I wasn’t going to just turn around. I bought an umbrella — you can go anywhere with an umbrella — and walked around.

And it was depressing. Tents, food trucks, picnic tables everywhere, all closed up. A few people milling around. Christ. We only get a few months of good weather every year; we’ve been waiting months for this. For what?

It must be terribly disappointing for the vendors, too, who depend on these events for income.

I decided to try the art museum, which had amongst its many signs, one that said ‘open’ and another that said ‘closed’. Which one is it then? Another sign that said ‘masks required’ (even though the govt mandate has been lifted — will we ever recover from this?) and a great banner advertising the coming renovations, which are turning the building into a great big modern rectangle.


So then I thought I might check out a local urban farm — and saw on the website that an advance appointment is required, and a covid-screening is required for that. Wtf?

Is there anything sacred anymore, anything untouched by the Agenda?

It seems like my favorite things, the arts and holistic health communities, have been hit hard by it. (Isn’t at least one point of holistic health to not be at the mercy of big pharma?)

I’m not interested in rebelling. I don’t want to get mad.

I’d just like to enjoy life, and skip the bullshit.

It seems like the counterculture is all about rebelling and getting mad. I get it. I share a lot of those sentiments, and it is a strange relief to be around smart people who know what’s going on.

But that’s all we have in common. If it weren’t for the bullshit and the need to rail against it, what would we have?

Many lack a human touch. I’ve been noticing it for a while now, and maybe that’s what the kind of shrewdness you need to stay ahead of this game takes: being a dick to other people.

Sometimes I’d rather deal with libtards. As long as you’re the one leading the conversation, they’re not that bad.

Where is my soul tribe? Where is my place in the world?

I was thinking maybe it’s director Joe Wright. I still can’t get over Pride & Prejudice. Someone who can make something so beautiful must have such a beautiful heart and soul. I tried to find him on social media, he doesn’t seem to have any. Which is another indication of it.

I would love to meet him, not in a creepy way, just to say thank you and imagine being on that level. I would ask him if there is any use in going to film school, and which one, or have they all been corrupted by the Agenda?

Anyway, I’m attending a ballroom dancing class tomorrow night, wish me luck I meet a real gentleman and that it’s all a bullshit-free experience.

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