Abortion is a Symptom of a Sick System

I saw a sign today that said ‘200 babies died by choice in X County last year’ — and then a little further up, ‘this road sponsored by X County Democratic Party’.

Do people make the connection between policies and results?

No, I’m not a republican, either. For more than a decade I’ve risen above to see the bigger picture, and I can see Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same scam.

I don’t believe there is a political solution to this, nor a religious solution.

Who would care for those 200 babies, if they had been born? Can you really expect a mother who would prefer to abort them to do a decent job of it?

Why would someone choose abortion in the first place? The county I was driving in was rural. The girls getting abortions are likely poor, ignorant, not taught about their bodies or how to properly care for them, and most likely not taught how to care for children either.

What kind of mother would that be?

And who would take care of the children if she can’t?

You can’t force anyone to take care of a child any more than you can force a woman to give birth. The sad reality is, being born in today’s world is a privilege.

Of course, we could do better. Step 1 would be to acknowledge that nature, including human nature, is sexual. Sex happens. This is life. And it’s really not a bad thing.

That isn’t an endorsement of promiscuity, either. It’s just an acceptance of reality. And we would see much more mature and responsible behavior at this level, rather than, say, shaming teens or telling them they’ll go to hell (for doing what is natural…)

If we could accept sex as part of nature then we could stop being so manipulated by parties using it against us. Girls should be taught about their bodies, how to care for themselves and children, and how to choose a worthy mate. Extended families should be a network of support: no girl should have to raise a child alone, especially when she likely has to work full-time to support herself too. You’re asking too much of her.

And don’t tell her not to spread her legs either, you might as well tell the Earth to stop turning.

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