When women get heavy periods after getting vaccinated

This common side effect of the covid vaccine is causing a lot of commotion on social media. Women, even those in their 70’s who have long stopped menstruating, are reporting heavy periods. Why?

It’s actually very simple. First we have to understand what menstruation is: a monthly detox. The female body cleans house and washes away all kinds of nasty stuff. It’s not just blood and endometrial lining. It’s toxins, too.

Now. What is a vaccine? That’s right, it’s a chemical concoction of toxins.

When you get a vaccine and then get a heavy period, that’s your body going into detox mode. That’s your body trying to save you. That’s the intelligence of nature at work.

Modern humans have been so cut off from nature and themselves that they have forgotten this. Hence why they are lining up for toxic vaccines in the first place.

If you are a woman with heavy periods, you can help your body along by going on a detox diet. Consume raw fruits and vegetables only. No processed, toxic foods. Only real foods. Fruits and vegetables have the light of the sun in them. The more light you take in to your body by eating them, the lighter you will be. And the lighter your period will be.

I can speak from experience. I used to get very heavy periods. I also used to eat a lot of processed foods. I never made the connection, I just thought my body was messed up.

But when I cleaned up my diet, I was amazed that my periods were much lighter. I didn’t know it could change until it did. Now I can actually have a cycle without using any feminine hygiene products at all. No pads, tampons, or even a cup.

It’s only ignorance of your true nature that keeps you a slave to suffering. Reconnect to your nature, your wisdom, and take back what is yours. We are meant to be free!

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