Neighborhoods will be what saves us

First, I’m racing against my laptop battery here, for some reason when I plug in the charger is doing nothing, so it’s 16% now, hopefully I can get it all out in time!

Something occurred to me today as my life is changing again and I am thinking about where I am going next and what it’s going to be. For a long time I thought it was going to be a farm in the country, which is something I’ve romanticized since moving away from our family farm when I was 10. I’ve been trying to get back there ever since, even though that’s impossible now. But for example, I’ve worked on organic farms and truly they have been some of the best times of my life.

But I was thinking today about why we moved, and why I was so excited to move. Of course, I didn’t think about what I was giving up. I was thinking about sidewalks, doorbells, playing kickball with other kids. Other kids. My childhood in the country was spent pretty much in isolation — the nearest friends were a mile in either direction. I never saw them, except I could see one girls’ house from the stair window and I would say goodnight to her house as I passed it every night (LOL).

Anyway, yeah. I was super excited to be moving to a neighborhood. We were integrated in it too. Block parties. A community pool. I printed out flyers and became the #1 babysitter, and made over $1,000 the summer of ’98.

The nineties were truly a golden era which I come to appreciate more than ever in this post 9/11 underland. There was perhaps something very special about the 90’s that won’t ever happen again.

But I’m going to try anyway.

That’s right. I’m moving to a neighborhood.

Although, it’s not an ordinary neighborhood — it’s integrated with farms (to be precise, food forests). The best of both worlds.

And I’m gonna give it my all.

We’re gonna be real neighbors. We’re all gonna know each other and talk to each other and we’re gonna live.

I’m gonna plant fruit everywhere.

We’re gonna show ’em how it’s done.

Fuck these skeletons who are telling neighbors to grass each other out, report them for breaking restrictions which are all based on bullshit.

Equally, fuck these preppers who think having a stockpile of their own shit is going to save them and leave everyone else behind.

This is what people aren’t realizing. The reason we are collapsing is because we don’t have a strong foundation in the first place.

This is exemplified in how fractured neighbor relationships have become.

People don’t know their neighbors. They don’t trust them. That’s the norm.

And that’s what’s being exploited by this fear mongering, whether it’s coming from the government or those who think they are going to fight the government and win.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be prepared for a disaster. You should.

But the real preparedness is in how you live.

You can get all your neighbors on the same page now.

Everyone can be growing food.

Kids can be grouped together for schooling and babysitting.

A plan of action can be put in place for when… if … “SHTF”… everyone is working together intelligently.

Yes, we’ve been being warned about some kind of survival event, for the past several years now. The 2020 pandemic chaos was either a window into more to come, or, hopefully, a warning lesson to learn from.

Maybe it doesn’t have to come to that. Maybe it changes by the changes we make now.

We don’t have to turn into animals fighting each other over canned food. That isn’t really food anyway, it’s just what the model has set up to make us think is food.

Real food is free. It grows freely from the ground. Mother Earth wants us to be nourished and abundant. There is more than enough for everyone. That is our true nature.

Remember that.

(8% left, no problem. 😉

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