In the land of the blind

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” This quote from the Dutch philosopher Erasmus (though it may have actually originated much further back) is often taken to mean quite literally, that being half-skilled is better than having no skill at all. And while that may seem to be the obvious meaning at first glance, that interpretation is ironically blind itself.

The real meaning of the phrase is esoteric.

It’s also related to the Bible passage: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

It has nothing to do with physical sight or handicap. The verse gives us even further indication that the ‘eye’ being referred to is spiritual, also called the third eye or mind’s eye. To ‘see’ with this eye, which is really an inner knowing, is to be ‘enlightened’ — the whole body will be full of light. Light being knowledge or truth.

The world is run by such ‘enlightened’ beings, as is conveyed by the great seal of the United States, which places the single eye at the top of the pyramid (the base of the pyramid representing the rest of society).

Pyramid on One Dollar Bill macro

And though this might seem like Conspiracy Theory 101, most people are unaware of the subtle spiritual energies and hierarchies that govern this world — they are blind — and hence, they are ruled over by those who are able to see, who are enlightened.

This is not referring to governments or politicians or anyone in the public arena, by the way. That’s all for show, to divert your attention; the real masters are hidden in plain sight. Most people would not know them if they passed them on the street — or even more tellingly, if they looked in the mirror (again, spiritual blindness).

So when you see all these people taking to the streets in France, Greece, Dublin and London — even though it may seem encouraging that there are many people who are “resisting tyranny”, the reality is, they are playing right into it.

Duality is one of the main spiritual/energetic forces at work in this world. You can see it in the black/white checkerboard pattern, the twin columns/towers, and the sun/moon symbolism within freemasonry. It is also described by the first law of physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

You also see it in the headlines: for example, now people who wear masks are claiming to be “abused” by people not wearing masks, a reversal of the situation from just a few months ago, when people would spit in the faces of people not wearing wearing masks.

And here is an embodiment of a “blind” person (notice the glasses), who has been effectively demoralized by his rulers:

So the UK and Europe all have COVID-pass legislation on the table (an action), and the masses have taken to the streets with mass protests in major cities (the reaction). Great: the agenda rolls on. So how do you actually get off this train?

Because in reality, the people who are protesting, though it may seem like the right thing to do, are totally blind to themselves and the fact that they are playing right into the hands of their masters.

If you really wanted to give a big ‘fuck you’ to the system, you’d ignore it altogether.

But people are desperately trying to cling on to an illusion of ‘normal life’ instead, completely unaware that “normal” (at least, life as we knew it before 2020) is gone forever.

The best thing you can do now is look forward to the future and creating a good one for yourself.

And the best way to do that is to look within.

All of these people are looking on a screen, looking to their peers, looking to their government for their next cue. They are the reaction.

They are not looking within to realize that they can become the action. Again — they are blind.

When you look within, I mean really examine yourself and experiment with your abilities — you find that you have enormous power and potential. You don’t ever have to sit around complaining or go out once a month and protest until the next time the government decides to fling you around again.

It’s like humanity is in this rebellious teenager stage. Let’s say you have parents that have a very authoritarian parenting style, and you hate it. But it’s also what you’re used to. It’s what you have been living every day of your life, so it’s all you’ve known. You don’t know how to make it on your own. To venture out is to throw yourself into uncertainty and chaos.

Well, that’s how the next several years are going to be, until we move past the rebel phase and into enlightenment: self-awareness and the creator state. Many people are already there, and sometimes I feel like I am one of them. But sometimes I question it too: what is the future of humanity? Is it a technological totalitarian dystopia? (Which even vaxxed people butt heads with when it comes up to restrict or fine them when they try to do what they want to do.)

I really don’t know. I do know that these next few years are crucial. And weirdly, while many people’s lives are being thrown into chaos, mine is finally starting to make sense. I am starting to see that I was born for this time. I really am meant to be here.

This is something I felt was missing for at least the past twenty years.

It’s really about taking ownership of your self, your life, your energy, and your purpose. Stop being a rebellious teenager and instead be an adult, a creator, and leader of your life. We are in a different age now. Life can be exactly what you make it to be. That is what we are here to learn, or rather remember: we are all masters.

It sure beats working a corporate job 40+ hours a week and spending the weekend drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity, and then doing it all over again next week, next year until you die. Open your Eye, do you see what you’re doing to yourself?

Give it up!

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