Vaccinated People

A few days ago I drove past a new age shop in a trendy part of town, it flies an LGBT flag and had people lined up six feet apart to enter the store when lockdown ended. This is it. This is the transition, it’s everywhere, and there’s no stopping it.

They also have a road sign that reads “kindness is more important than ever” (of course, these are the type who have to tell you to “be kind”, because all they know is control — it never occurs to them that you get what you give).

Well, I’ve also been reminded of the phrase “[you have to be] cruel to be kind”, so. Here we go.

Why Vaccines Suck, and You Suck for Getting Them

This is not a rabbit hole or a conspiracy theory. This information is readily available to anyone who actually cares, and has been for years.

What information? Well, for example, how over $4 billion has been paid out in vaccine damages. And having apparently learned their lesson, Big Pharma has gone to great lengths to make the covid vaccine safe protect themselves from liability for any damages that may arise due to the covid vaccine.

Big Pharma has long established themselves as putting profits before people. A great book that delves into this is Kevin Trudeau’s “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”. This was one of my very first red-pills back in 2007 or so, along with working at a nutritional supplement company that was raided and shut down by the FDA and the owner put into prison… for making too much money. It had nothing to do with the products and whether they were helping or even harming people. It was 100% about money.

Another red-pill directly related to vaccines is the 2005 film V for Vendetta, in which it’s openly discussed that vaccines were used as a bio-weapon to reduce the population. Life imitates art, or a warning from the future?

Even further back would be 1992’s The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford. This is one of the first movies I ever saw, during a weekend trip to Chicago, where the film also takes place. I was only a small child so of course I couldn’t fathom the Big Pharma corruption that drove the plot line of the movie, but it’s recently been on TV again, and re-watching with adult eyes, of course it makes perfect sense: a Big Pharma exec wants his toxic drug to be approved, so he switches toxic liver samples with fake ones and then kills anyone who stands to get in his way.

Sweet. Where do I get in line?

Even if for some reason you are ignorant of all this and have full faith in Big Pharma, why not explore the many pharmaceutical options that are available? Such as Ivermectin, or Hydroxycloroquine, both of which have been shown to effectively treat Sars-Cov2 (Covid). Why suppress these options and believe that there’s only one way to go?

And it’s not even the right way. In fact, it’s reinforcing the very pandemic you are so afraid of. The people who are in ICU right now? All fully vaccinated. The new “variants” being used to justify a return of masks and lockdowns? Created by the vaccine.

This is idiotic.

This is how the “pandemic” ever got off the ground in the first place. Stupid, stupid people — millions, apparently — who believe what they are told by vested interests on the screen without ever questioning it, even against their own logic (which the twisting narrative constantly defies), and then go out and do precisely what they are told.

It doesn’t matter that there are many, many other options, as there always are in reality. In addition to the other pharmaceuticals, there are basic lifestyle factors like eating right, being active, successfully dealing with stress (especially in these times), and getting sunlight and fresh air that go a long way toward good health (and which many vaccinated people also conveniently ignore, favoring the fast food drive thru that gives them a free donut instead). There are even herbal remedies for coronavirus, such as Bupleurem. Never heard of it? I wonder why.

Whenever someone tells you there is only one way of doing things, that should immediately trigger your bullshit detector, because this is an abundant universe. If you can imagine it, it exists. There is absolutely no need to be corralled like cattle into one way, which just so happens to lead to the slaughterhouse.

That’s right, not only are these vaccines designed to separate people into two groups (vaccinated vs. unvaccinated) and pit them against each other while creating “passports” that will allow vaccinated people to continue participating in normal society — going to stores, flying on airplanes, and even having a job, albeit with continuing restrictions — regardless of the fact that vaccinated people are NOT healthy and will continue spreading sickness — but the vaccine is also designed to make people sicker (and potentially kill them), while creating a dependency that lasts the rest of their lives (however long or short that might be).

I suppose it’s not surprising what’s happened to the education system in this country, but when I went to school, we were taught that flu shots were a crap shoot because of how it mutates each year, and that a vaccine for colds isn’t even possible because there are so many mutations/variants.

This is obviously not being taught anymore, or else people would know that the same thing would happen with the covid vaccine, which it is, and we are seeing play out in real-time.

The covid vaccine is setting your body up to not be able to fight off future infections (or rather, to deal with the toxic load of infections), and to continually need “boosters” (read: profits for Big Pharma). And we are already seeing it — while I admittedly don’t know anyone in “real life” who has suffered major side effects or died from the vaccine, adverse event reports are already skyrocketing.

What is the vaccine? It’s a Trojan horse in the body, and it’s a Trojan horse in Western society. It’s presented as a gift, and then in the middle of the night comes the enemy attack. And you are welcoming it, and patting yourselves on the back for it.

And when it falls apart, of course they’re going to tell you to blame the unvaccinated, because they know you do whatever they tell you with no self-awareness or introspection, or you would know the primary person to blame is yourself (or your own stupidity).

If you have been vaccinated, it’s not too late to shift direction, and in fact your example may be even more powerful, at least among others like you, than those of us who have been right all along. You can be an example of someone doing better because now you know better.

This is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. This is a pandemic of the fearful, boring and stupid.

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