Preparing for What’s Coming Next


This post ended up taking on a completely different tone than when it started, when I went for my usual evening stroll.

My mind was racing — about today’s announcement that vaccinations are now required for public places in New York, about rumors of an upcoming lockdown (again), about the endgame in general. It was all a bit heavy, and who even wants to read it?

As I was formulating this post in my mind, about preparing yourself spiritually and mentally, I got to a point of a disclaimer because it might all turn out differently for you, just because you’re you. No matter what you read, no matter what they tell you, no matter what’s happening to anyone else, anywhere else. You’re you, and you have your own magic and your own destiny. Don’t underestimate that.

And then it happened.

Live music. Coming from the park. The song was “Footloose”.

I would love to dance

As I approached, I saw couples dancing on the pavilion and a live orchestra band — and they were good. Tables with banners told me they were the swing dance society — a Tuesday night staple in the park, that I had forgotten. I came to these nearly ten years ago now, in 2012.

I had already decided that I wasn’t going to dance though, for two very good reasons. One, I wasn’t dressed for it. I hadn’t planned on coming this far, and had only thrown on a hoodie — a mistake even for walking since it was like 80 degrees outside — over a very thin t-shirt (and nothing else). To dance in a hoodie would have led to hyperthermia, and been very uncomfortable. To take it off would have been indecent exposure, also very uncomfortable.

I also have forgotten how to swing dance.

I guess that doesn’t matter so much, the main thing is that you’re having fun, but. These kids are good. They know their stuff. These guys are literally picking up these girls and swinging them around.

It was great fun just to watch. They are so young and full of life, energy, spirit, fun! It was actually amazing, like maybe the world really will go on, and it will be great, wonderful even.

And then, someone asked me to dance.

I had already decided I wasn’t going to. I wished I didn’t have to tell him ‘no’. I wished it could have been me, feeling free on the dance floor.

I just wasn’t prepared for it. I hadn’t seen it coming, at all.

I thought I was only going out for an evening stroll, to clear my head.

So I guess the best thing I can tell you is — expect the unexpected.

Maybe it will all turn out better than we ever would have thought.

For better — or worse — I bet this post was not what you thought it would be, either. 😂

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