Things that are healthier than vaccines

I’m pretty sure I’ve written this before, and so have many others, but since the message has apparently not gotten through yet, here we go once more. 

It’s incredible to see how vaccines are still being pushed by politicians, celebrities, and their brainwashed social media army as if they are the height of modern medicine, when in reality they are plainly and simply bad science. Even the guy who invented them, Louis Pasteur, recanted them at the hour of his death:

“Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” 

Louis Pasteur

I don’t know why he waited so long to clear his conscience, but I guess a visitation from the Angel of Death has a way of doing that. 

Yet to the detriment of modern society, this is completely ignored, and they decided to run with his work anyway. 

He’s not the only evil scientist part of this scam to eventually have a change of heart. Look at the creator of the mRNA vaccine or the creator of the PCR test: they are both now coming out and warning against them.

We’re also seeing heartbreaking — to use the favorite word of the bleeding-heart brainwashed army trying to brainwash others into taking the vax — reports of young people becoming seriously injured, ill or dying within days after being injected.

We’re also seeing reports that vaccinated individuals are just as susceptible to infection, hospitalization, and transmission of the virus as others who are not vaccinated.

And yet, for some reason, not only are vaccines continuing to be hailed as the pinnacle of modern medicine and science by every politician and mainstream celebrity, they are also now becoming the basis for alarmingly totalitarian regimes throughout the world. France, Italy, Ireland, UK, and most recently, New York City now require citizens to show proof of vaccination in order to participate in normal public life — despite the fact that many millions of people are not vaccinated and don’t intend to be (likely for at least some of the above-mentioned valid reasons).

This is madness. (Or, Sparta.)

We have good reason not to trust any numbers being reported by the mainstream media, however it is likely true that at least 100 million people in the United States are not vaccinated and intend to die on this hill. 

I am one of them. I was anti-vax long before it was cool. I remember being a kid and hiding in my toy closet among my stuffed animals on the day when I was supposed to go to the doctors for shots. (I was inspired by the movie E.T., when he is hiding among the stuffed animals and dolls and all you see is his weird head). Anyway, it worked, my mom forgot to take me to the appointment (a bittersweet victory, but still).

I always felt a strong aversion to pharmaceuticals, a feeling that only grew stronger as I grew up and learned of case after case of big pharma corporate corruption, including with vaccines.  

This led to more than a decade of studying holistic health, wherein I came upon much wow and fascinating info. Much of it is also incredibly common-sense. 

Like the terrain theory, as mentioned above by Louis Pasteur. Terrain theory basically says that if your body is clean and strong, you won’t be susceptible to disease. Makes perfect sense, right? And we’re even seeing it bear out in this pandemic, with most of the people dying of Covid-19 also having co-morbidities like obesity. 

So the idea is to have a clean, strong body. This is real health (unlike pharmaceuticals). There’s a lot that goes into it, but you can approach it from any of the three main points: body, mind, and spirit. 


  • Having a proper sleep schedule (10pm-6am).
  • Breathing fresh air and letting sunlight touch your skin every day.
  • Getting sweaty with some form of activity every day — whatever you like.
  • Eating foods that are as nutritious, natural, fresh and whole as possible.
  • Various herbs and detox protocols.


  • Turning off the TV or smartphone.
  • Thinking for yourself.
  • Positive affirmations.
  • Not believing bullshit.
  • Creating your own business.


  • Connecting to the higher power that is inside you.
  • Using and developing intuition and psychic abilities (eg telepathy).
  • Spending time outdoors in nature regularly.
  • Loving the people in your life and showing it.
  • Letting go and moving on.

If everyone were doing these things and more like them, we would have a healthy world. We would have people who are not vulnerable to viruses, including the mind-virus that is the tyrannical world government takeover.

We would have people who love their life and have built a healthy functioning society, and aren’t going to hand it over just because some psychopath playing a doctor on TV says so.

I know there is a human tendency to trust authority, to get scared and to do what everyone around you is doing. They know this too; they are exploiting it. That’s because, despite the lip service and pretending to care, they don’t actually give a shit about you, or the fact that people are dying from the vaccines, or that people won’t be able to buy food without showing proof of vaccination. Isn’t it incredible, all this programming we had about Nazi Germany segregating the Jews as second-class citizens, and what it led up to, and now here they are bringing about the exact same thing?

But enough about them. They don’t really matter. What matters is you, and me, and what we’re going to do about this very real illusion on our hands…

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