Controlled Demolition

This is a concept I am thinking about putting in a video.

Just like 9/11 was a controlled demolition, so was/is Covid.

9/11 was a chaos ritual to take down the two towers — Boaz and Jachin, representing duality, light and dark, and the old world — and replace them with the one world tower.

Now, 20 years later, we are seeing stage 2. The chaos ritual bringing down the old world around us. In its place will be one world government.

One of many examples of this is the vaccine mandate/passport not only for people who enter public businesses, but for keeping their jobs too. Mercy Health, United Airlines, and Tyson have all issued vaccine requirements for employees. As a result, employees are quitting en masse. What will this do to the economy, and everything that depends on it?

Chaos. That’s why they’re doing it. It’s a controlled demolition to bring about chaos, the ashes from which the new world will arise like a Phoenix. It’s their operating system. Ordo ab chao.

It has nothing to do with health or a virus. (Although — you are probably better off not eating Tyson products or going to a hospital anyway.)

It’s funny how these crazy people are saying people who don’t get vaxxed should be denied hospital services. They seriously don’t get it. We generally avoid hospitals. We take our health into our own hands.

Though I don’t know what I would do if I got seriously sick. I went to the ER ten years ago for pneumonia, and they probably saved my life.

That was before I was deemed a deplorable, I guess.

That’s another aspect of the controlled demolition. They want the crazy trannies who burn cities down for them. So they can swoop in and scoop up big city real estate for pennies on the dollar. “Urban planning.”


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