The World is Run by Psychopaths

No, it’s not the Jews, although being Jewish/bloodline is an advantage. Not all Jews are part of this, and not all who are part of this are Jews.

So watch out for anyone who pins it all on Jews, because that’s quite possibly a psychopath himself or someone who was brainwashed to be a lackey and repeat this diverting crap. They are not really Jews, but they benefit from you thinking they are, so doing so plays right into their agenda.

Psychopaths are everywhere, but they are not everyone, and they are also not even common. They are mostly on the screen or in headlines — that’s what I mean by ‘everywhere’. You rarely encounter one in real life. They make up 5% or less of the human population, although they are not exactly human. They look human and try to act human though, for obvious reasons. However, there is a special quality about them that makes them a slightly different species than human.

They also do not have a soul, which is why they are drawn to positions of power. For those of us who do have a soul, that is our power, which is why we generally don’t seek worldly power. Our power comes from God, the Divine Source.

Without a soul, they have to find ways of extracting power from those of us who do have souls. Which is why they go for roles in politics, entertainment, even internet chat rooms. Anywhere that they can get a charge from the attention and interaction with others, who they always view as beneath them. Even though they might seem charming, that is a necessary part of the act. When the facade is no longer needed, the fangs come out, their true nature is revealed. They don’t give a fuck about you, and in fact despise you.

It doesn’t matter if you did nothing wrong. In fact, the brighter your light, the more they will hate you, simply because you reveal to them their own darkness, which they also hate.

The best thing to do is to get away from them as soon as you can.

Stay in the light.

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