Bringing it on home

Around April 2020, two important pieces of information came to me. One of them was this phrase “The Great Reset”. The second was this BBC TV series from the 70’s, now on YouTube, called Children of the Stones.

I was keenly interested in both, because I believed (and still do) they both contain esoteric meaning pertaining to the reality of our world and the situation we are currently in now — and more importantly, how to get out of it. Or to use the phrase currently relevant to the huge embarrassment of the United States in Afghanistan… our exit strategy.

Do you believe we are here to make the world a better place? Do you believe we can do anything to stop the monumental evil that is running rampant throughout the planet 24/7?

I really don’t know. I am pretty sure it could all be solved in five minutes, if they wanted it to be. So to think we are somehow supposed to be the ones to do it? Maybe saving the world is just another ego trap to keep you stuck in it.

For another 26,500 years.

What? Okay, backing up. The reason these two pieces of information were so interesting to me is that back in 2011-2012, I became tuned in to some esoteric teachings about the procession of the equinoxes, basically meaning that we were at the end of it all (The Great Age), at which point it would reset back to the beginning, taking our souls along with it.

A great reset, if you will.

I also learned, and unfortunately I don’t remember from where, that there was a possibility at this time for souls to escape the matrix, rather than being recycled with it. And that this was obviously a very rare and special opportunity, which would not come again for another 26,500 years.

And the Children of the Stones seemed to depict exactly that.

The entire series is about two and a half hours, and it’s well worth watching, and it’s also entertaining. But if you only watch the last episode, that should be enough to give you the gist of it.

So I have kept these two things in the back of my mind for the past year. In particular, I wanted to know when exactly the great reset is.

That appears now to have been answered.

It’s the solstice. The upcoming winter solstice. December 21, 2021.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this date is special, but I was recently given some information that pertains to exactly why. SK Bain’s e-books, which are posted for free on his blog, go into elaborate detail about the setup of the ritual. Including the location, the occult temple, which is the White House.

This is of course the inverted point of a pentagram (in the city of Washington DC) within a pentagram (comprised of the Eastern Seaboard).

SK Bain’s books are interesting, and I recommend reading them, although with a grain of salt. For one, he is an insider, and he speaks with a disdainful tone for the reader that’s characteristic of all of them (which he even admits himself at some point). He also used to work in the media under Rupert Murdoch, for example. And just as much as he is telling, there is much more he is not telling.

However, if you are interested in numerology or understanding elite occult rituals and how they shape the world, then these works are worth skimming at least.

And they did answer my question — the precise where and when of the actual (but occult) Great Reset. It will take place in the Grand Cross hall during the galactic alignment of the winter solstice of 2021 — perhaps at 11:11 UST.

What kind of ritual it will be, I don’t know. Another interesting detail of the book is the dissection of the Clinton/Lewinsky sex scandal as an occult fertility ritual that took place at the exact center of the galactic window — it was of course a perverted fertility ritual, which gave birth to the perverted world we see today.

I have also been given a message that this alignment and ritual is the real reason they want everyone vaccinated. It’s to bring as many souls as possible along with them for the reset. We know that the Great Reset world is for vaccinated slaves of the new world order, so it makes sense that the occult great reset is working on a hidden level with spiritual slaves.

The mask indicates a slave, in particular spiritual and mental slavery. These people do not think for themselves and instead are dominated by fear and darkness, and live in a world with disease and suffering, and they will get more of it. They are totally disconnected from their true nature, including their inner truth and soul.

I am not really sure they can be saved. I am not really sure the world can be saved.

It might be that the best we can do is escape it.

I still don’t know how. In Children of the Stones, he uses a clever math trick. Damn, I’m awful at math.

Maybe it’s just as simple as Dorothy (whose name means “lover of God”, incidentally), clicking her heels three times and thinking of home.

There’s no place like home.

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