Madame Homestead

Have you ever thought much, if at all, about Nebraska? I hadn’t. I thought I would just be passing through for one night.

I was wrong. 😄

Amongst the giant monoculture crop fields of corn and soy, I found an oasis. A wilderness, and… a food forest.

I had a reservation to camp last night, and I did, until about 5 am and a torrential thunderstorm collapsed my tent and soaked all my stuff. You can enjoy knowing I suffered 😂 but only for like 10 seconds, til I ran to the safety of my car and successfully managed to avoid getting struck by lightning.

To be fair, i was warned about this the previous afternoon, when a short storm toppled my tent and the hosts invited me for tea on the covered porch. That’s what it took to get me out of my shell and start socializing anyway. And it actually turned out great. Better than great. These people are awesome. I felt inspired by a deep and meaningful conversation like I haven’t been in forever.

And it turns out they are Permaculture designers, and as mentioned, are starting a food forest. What a serendipity! I told them about my film. We talked about all kinds of creative and spiritual stuff.

And somehow we all knew the next morning that there had to be more.

I just had this feeling.

For one thing, my gear was soaked and I wouldn’t be able to use it the next night.

And i also noticed there was a ton of work that needed to be done around the homestead. When I had first booked the reservation, I told her in my message that I could use a miracle. But when I got to the homestead and saw how much work it needed, I realized she needed the miracle too.

So I offered to stay an extra night so my stuff could dry, and we could spend the day decluttering.

It wasn’t at all what i had imagined my day would be, but I just knew I couldn’t leave her with all that mess and 3 kids to homeschool all alone.

We just aren’t meant to live like that. We’re meant to be in tribes, helping each other. She has no one but her husband, who works away from home all day.

I knew the energy of two people working together would not only get a lot done (which we did — it looks so much better after only 1 day) but would also inspire her to keep going after i left.

However, I then received a text from her at 5:55 pm — an auspicious number signifying change — telling me her Grandpa just passed and they are leaving for Texas immediately.

And it was mutually decided that I stay on and caretake the place until they get back.

Who would have ever thought?

So now I’m a country girl again, managing a homestead and roaming the hills. It’s so romantic, I think it even looks a bit like Wales. This part of Nebraska is lovely, not all flat and dry which is how the state is mostly known.

And when they get back I’ll be able to get John and the food forest on video. He is so sweet and smart, and funnily reminds me of someone from my first food forest in 2012. I think you are really going to like him and all the plans they have for this amazing place.

Cheers to new friends and new opportunities, all from following your heart. I had no idea when I set out from my apartment in Michigan that it would lead to this. But I absolutely love it.

The world can indeed be yours, if you’re willing to take the chance.

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