Shabby Chic Home Makeover

Well, this was an unexpected turn of events. But I had to. I couldn’t not. It was fate.

When I booked my stay at Audrey’s campsite, I told her I needed a miracle — she had been very open about praying in her listing. But when I got to her site and saw how it looked, I realized that she needed the miracle.

The house was cute, with a charming light yellow color straight out of my dreams… but it was run down, the yard was overgrown, and there was junk everywhere. Such as a washing machine in the front yard.

But Audrey was special. I recognized her and her family as soul family right away, and by the next night it was agreed I would stay on to caretake the place while they went to Texas for her grandpa’s funeral. She said to do anything i want with the house.

Oh, did I.

As you might expect from the yard, the inside of the house was equally trashed. Every single one of these spaces was overloaded with junk. I carted out at least 10 wheelbarrows full of it. (To the burn pile — that will be one unholy fire).

Once the rooms were excavated and cleaned, I began the fun part of setting them up. In the dining room, I painted the dinette set and reupholstered the chair.

I also added the string lights, curtains, and snake plant, which helps purify air — helpful since it’s right next to the laundry room.

In addition to laundry supplies is a basket of general cleaning supplies and rags to have easily on hand, and a lint receptacle by the dryer.

One thing i noticed that was so bizarre was how much junk was taking up the most important spaces, like in the kitchen. There were baskets of junk where common sense items should be. It’s not conducive to cooking or any other task if the tools you need aren’t in easy reach. So I made a very deliberate layout that places daily items at eye level and arm’s reach. And other stuff either gets stored or thrown away.

For example, hot pads and cooking utensils should not be stored on the other side of the kitchen. We need to be able to grab them and go.

For the kitchen prep area, we have fresh eggs, which don’t need to be refrigerated because nature is smart and the eggs have a protective coating that keeps them from going bad for months — just wash before use only.

There is also a jar of prep utensils, and baskets for food items used most — bread and peanut butter, coffee and tea, and honey and sugar.

I also painted the porcelain sink, which might sound like sacrilege, but it was hideously stained and peeling. Washing dishes in it would have only made them dirtier. No wonder there was a huge pile of them.

Though painting is a temporary fix and not perfect, it’s a million times better.

The mudroom is in the kitchen, which Audrey doesn’t like, but no big deal. I cleared out about 20 pairs of unnecessary shoes and kept the best looking ones for each function. Farm boots, snow boots, sandals, sports, etc. Storing winter items out of the way and having a dedicated place for keys, sunglasses, shopping bags and coins.

I also cleared a bunch of unnecessary shit from the bathroom shelves and made room for the essentials. Kid-height hooks help everyone keep their towel dry and off the floor.

Spray paint breathed new life into bathroom accessories that were rusted and gross.

Audrey’s biggest wish was for the homeschool and crafts room to be functional. It was the worst by far, completely impossible to do anything in. And it came out great.

Again, keeping every day items close at hand.

The closet is tiny, but adding a led light means it can be very useful to store stuff you don’t use too often.

It’s important to give kids a structure and for them to contribute to the smooth functioning of the home. It actually makes them feel more secure and happy. Nothing too crazy, but 8 and 6 year olds can definitely start learning healthy lifelong responsible habits.

This is the only money I spent – $5 to get this amazing safety mat from marketplace for this ramp, which I slipped on when wet. This was a necessary purchase.

Everything else i found or created, though to be fair, Audrey did have a lot of materials on hand, like paint, shelves and baskets. But still, the point is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a pleasing, functional space. And even if you are poor, doesn’t mean you can’t still be clean. (They are not poor, but often that’s a matter of perspective anyway).

Audrey has been going through some stuff, but she is willing to change. That was a big consideration for me to do all this — she had already started by showing initiative. The universe just showed up in the form of me to finish the job.

That little red entry is me.

It took the whole week to do it all. There’s still more, of course, but I’m very satisfied with this bit, and it was exciting. It’s great Virgo energy, Queen of Pentacles, and today is Friday and my birthday. 😊💖

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